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Organic Insecticide | Entrust

Supplier: Organic Crop Protectants

Entrust® is based on a fermentation by-products (Spinosyns) from an actinomycete bacterium, Saccharopolyspora spinosa.

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The active called Spinosad is highly efficacious against a wide range of caterpillar pests, thrip and leaf miner.


Features of Organic Insecticide | Entrust:

  • Rapid Activity on target pest
  • Very favorable toxicological and environmental profile
  • “Reduced Risk” registration & winner of EPA Green Chemistry Challenge
  • Little or no impact on most beneficials (IPM fit)
  • Not shown to be phytotoxic to crops
  • Ingredients meet the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program, OMRI and BFA


Queensland Fruit Fly
Dow Agrosciences & QDPI Indooropilly have researched and developed a Queensland fruit fly lure and kill bait called NaturalureTM which it based on Spinosad and is Registered Organic with OMRI, USDA and BFA.


Organic Insecticide | Entrust Technical Information

Entrust Naturalyte Organic Insecticide is based on the metabolites of a soil borne micro-organisms from the actinomycetes class. The active ingedient produced by these micro-organisms namely Spinosad is extremely effective against caterpillar pests including:

  • Heliothis spp.
  • Diamond Back Moth
  • Light Brown Apple Moth
  • Cherry and Pear Slug

The advantages Entrust Naturalyte Insecticide has over products like Bt's are:

  • Faster acting meaning less damage to the crop
  • Less affected by UV light and rain wash-off
  • Is tranlaminar meaning it gets into the leaf tissue to last longer

It is good farming practice to rotate the type of product used for insect or disease control. Organic Insecticide | Entrust should always be used as part of program with Bt's. Entrust Naturalyte is registered organic with the BFA and will soon carry registrations for Thrips in most horticultural crops.