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Oscilloscopes - Tektronix DSA8200 Sampling Ocsilloscope & Digital Serial Analyzer

Supplier: TekMark Australia

Industry Leading Signal Fidelity for the Most Challenging System Designs


Today's high speed designs make signal path characterization and BER performance analysis harder then ever before. With the highest TDR Bandwidth, the fastest S-parameter measurements, and most comprehensive analysis tools available. The DSA8200 digital serial analyzer provides a complete network and link analysis solution.

Features & Benefits
  • State-of-the-Art Sampling Oscilloscope for Communication Signal Analysis, TDR / TDT / Serial Data Network Analysis, Acquisition, and Measurements of Repetitive Ultrafast Signals
    • Acquisition of Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) Signals
    • Industry’s Only Mainframe to Support up to 8 Input Channels for Increased Flexibility and Throughput
    • Four Color-graded, Variable Persistence Waveform Databases
    • Measurement System with Over 100 Automated Measurements
    • Complete Suite of Communications Measurements includes Both Types of OMA, SSC Profile, and Many Others
    • Automated ITU/ANSI/IEEE Mask Testing
    • Masks and Measurements for SONET/SDH, FC, Ethernet, and Other Standards Built-in
    • Mask Updates can be Loaded from Factory-supplied File
    • Mask Margin Testing for Guard Banding Production Testing
  • Acquisition Modules
    • Fully Integrated Multirate Optical Modules
    • Optical Modules up to 80 GHz 80C10B
    • High-accuracy "ER Calibrated" Measurement Available in Some Modules
    • Electrical Modules up to 70+ GHz Bandwidth and 5 ps Measured Rise Time (10-90%)
    • Flexible Rate Clock Recovery
    • Clock Recovery with SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking) Support Available
  • Jitter, Noise, BER, and Serial Data Link Analysis
    • Measures and Separates Deterministic Data-dependent Jitter from Random Jitter
    • Measures Vertical Noise, Separating Deterministic Data-dependent Noise from Random Noise
    • Highly Accurate BER and Eye Contour Estimation, Support for DDPWS
    • FFE/DFE Equalization, Transmitter Equalization
    • Channel Emulation for Channels with >30 dB of Loss
    • Linear Filter for Fixture De-embedding, Linear Filtering
  • TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)
    • Up to 50 GHz TDR Bandwidth with 15 ps Reflected Rise Time and 12 ps Incident Rise Time
    • Lowest Noise for Accurate Repeatable TDR Measurement Results – 600 µVRMS at 50 GHz
    • Independent Sampler Deskew ensures Easy Fixture and Probe De-embedding
    • Industry’s Only Mainframe to Accommodate up to Four True-differential TDR or Electrical Channel Pairs for Increased System Versatility
  • S-parameters Measurements
    • Up to 50 GHz Differential, Single Ended, Mixed Mode; Insertion, Return Loss, Frequency Domain Crosstalk
    • PCI Express, Serial ATA, Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet Manufacturing, and Standard Compliance Testing for Gigabit Signal Path and Interconnects – Including Eye Mask Tests
    • Intuitive, Easy, and Accurate for Serial Data, Gigabit Digital Design, and Signal Integrity
    • Fast and Accurate Automated Multiport S-parameter Measurements with Command Line Interface
  • Industry’s Best Standard Time-base Jitter Performance, 800 fsRMS
  • Industry-leading Time-base Jitter Performance, <200 fsRMS*1 Available with Phase Reference Mode
  • Fast Acquisition Rate and High Throughput
  • True-differential Remote Sampler enabling Placement Near DUT for Superior Signal Fidelity
  • FrameScan™ Acquisition Mode with Eye Diagram Averaging:
    • Isolate Data-dependent Faults
    • Examine Low-power Signals
  • MS Windows XP Operating System
  • Advanced Connectivity to 3rd party Software
  • Design/Verification of Telecom and Datacom Components and Systems
  • Manufacturing/Testing for ITU/ANSI/IEEE/SONET/SDH Compliance
  • High-performance True-differential TDR Measurements
  • Advanced Jitter, Noise, and BER Analysis
  • Impedance Characterization and Network Analysis for Serial Data Applications including S-parameters
  • Channel and Eye Diagram Simulation and Measurement-based SPICE Modeling
*1 Typical, with the Phase Reference module, some conditions apply. Without the module, the jitter is <800 fsRMS (typical).


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