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Oscilloscopes - Tektronix DSA8200 Sampling Ocsilloscope & Digital Serial Analyzer

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Industry Leading Signal Fidelity for the Most Challenging System Designs

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Today's high speed designs make signal path characterization and BER performance analysis harder then ever before. With the highest TDR Bandwidth, the fastest S-parameter measurements, and most comprehensive analysis tools available. The DSA8200 digital serial analyzer provides a complete network and link analysis solution.

Features & Benefits
  • State-of-the-Art Sampling Oscilloscope for Communication Signal Analysis, TDR / TDT / Serial Data Network Analysis, Acquisition, and Measurements of Repetitive Ultrafast Signals
    • Acquisition of Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) Signals
    • Industry’s Only Mainframe to Support up to 8 Input Channels for Increased Flexibility and Throughput
    • Four Color-graded, Variable Persistence Waveform Databases
    • Measurement System with Over 100 Automated Measurements
    • Complete Suite of Communications Measurements includes Both Types of OMA, SSC Profile, and Many Others
    • Automated ITU/ANSI/IEEE Mask Testing
    • Masks and Measurements for SONET/SDH, FC, Ethernet, and Other Standards Built-in
    • Mask Updates can be Loaded from Factory-supplied File
    • Mask Margin Testing for Guard Banding Production Testing
  • Acquisition Modules
    • Fully Integrated Multirate Optical Modules
    • Optical Modules up to 80 GHz 80C10B
    • High-accuracy "ER Calibrated" Measurement Available in Some Modules
    • Electrical Modules up to 70+ GHz Bandwidth and 5 ps Measured Rise Time (10-90%)
    • Flexible Rate Clock Recovery
    • Clock Recovery with SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking) Support Available
  • Jitter, Noise, BER, and Serial Data Link Analysis
    • Measures and Separates Deterministic Data-dependent Jitter from Random Jitter
    • Measures Vertical Noise, Separating Deterministic Data-dependent Noise from Random Noise
    • Highly Accurate BER and Eye Contour Estimation, Support for DDPWS
    • FFE/DFE Equalization, Transmitter Equalization
    • Channel Emulation for Channels with >30 dB of Loss
    • Linear Filter for Fixture De-embedding, Linear Filtering
  • TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)
    • Up to 50 GHz TDR Bandwidth with 15 ps Reflected Rise Time and 12 ps Incident Rise Time
    • Lowest Noise for Accurate Repeatable TDR Measurement Results – 600 µVRMS at 50 GHz
    • Independent Sampler Deskew ensures Easy Fixture and Probe De-embedding
    • Industry’s Only Mainframe to Accommodate up to Four True-differential TDR or Electrical Channel Pairs for Increased System Versatility
  • S-parameters Measurements
    • Up to 50 GHz Differential, Single Ended, Mixed Mode; Insertion, Return Loss, Frequency Domain Crosstalk
    • PCI Express, Serial ATA, Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet Manufacturing, and Standard Compliance Testing for Gigabit Signal Path and Interconnects – Including Eye Mask Tests
    • Intuitive, Easy, and Accurate for Serial Data, Gigabit Digital Design, and Signal Integrity
    • Fast and Accurate Automated Multiport S-parameter Measurements with Command Line Interface
  • Industry’s Best Standard Time-base Jitter Performance, 800 fsRMS
  • Industry-leading Time-base Jitter Performance, <200 fsRMS*1 Available with Phase Reference Mode
  • Fast Acquisition Rate and High Throughput
  • True-differential Remote Sampler enabling Placement Near DUT for Superior Signal Fidelity
  • FrameScan™ Acquisition Mode with Eye Diagram Averaging:
    • Isolate Data-dependent Faults
    • Examine Low-power Signals
  • MS Windows XP Operating System
  • Advanced Connectivity to 3rd party Software
  • Design/Verification of Telecom and Datacom Components and Systems
  • Manufacturing/Testing for ITU/ANSI/IEEE/SONET/SDH Compliance
  • High-performance True-differential TDR Measurements
  • Advanced Jitter, Noise, and BER Analysis
  • Impedance Characterization and Network Analysis for Serial Data Applications including S-parameters
  • Channel and Eye Diagram Simulation and Measurement-based SPICE Modeling
*1 Typical, with the Phase Reference module, some conditions apply. Without the module, the jitter is <800 fsRMS (typical).