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Our panbrake machine that we use to create customised sheet metal

Supplier: BulliBuilt Pty Ltd
18 February, 2016

There are many different kinds of panbrake machines out there and all of them are essentially quite the same.

Only in the essence they are the same, but they can be quite different too given some of the technologies that are available. Some can be very technologically advanced, but some others can be a little bit lagging behind. Today we can reveal to you some information regarding the one that we use in our facilities, the same one that produces air conditioning ducts in Moorabbin, one that produces customised flashings in Melbourne.

Produced by Machtech, our bending machine is a powerful and versatile unit. Able to bend sheet metal of up to 3mm in thickness and 4 metres in length, this panbrake machine enables us to produce our customised sheet metal that could go up to 4 metres in length. That means customised ventilation ducts up to 4 metres in length, customised extraction ducts up to 4 metres in length, everything sheet metal up to 4 metres in length, we can do it all!

The machine also features a sensor at the clamp which will force the machine to stop operating whenever it senses a finger being in the way, in order to prevent any unwanted workplace injuries. The machine's hydraulic pump and motor combine to create an efficient and responsive operation.

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