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Out of the Box Developments

Out of the Box Developments commenced in 2003 with the primary objective to: supply low cost, affordable housing to those in need; build complexes that encourage the growth of real communities; and to have a win win win situation for people in housing crisis, community housing groups and investors.

Since then we have used our unique construction method to build houses, mining camps, site offices and granny flats.

We also have a focus on high rise development where the mission is to build affordable, sustainable housing and create mixed communities for owner occupiers, the standard and affordable rental markets, and emergency housing.

The mission for mining camps was to build what our clients were really asking for: which didn’t really exist in the market at the time – a product that had the look and feel of upmarket housing structures, site offices and temporary accommodation in some of the remotest areas of Australia.

Our General Manager and CEO has a construction industry and sales background. He is a gifted entrepreneur and inventor and has undertaken extensive personal development training and a number of personal business ventures.

He has a passion for property and sees Out of the Box Developments as a means to create affordable housing and accommodation for those most in need.

Our Secretary of the Board and Director of Finance and Marketing holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce and Associate Diplomas in Speech and Drama.

She worked with the Queensland Government for 7 years, consulted to both local and state government in a human resource capacity and has run her own successful human resource company.

She has a passion for affordable housing and her goal is to build housing for the community.

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Out of the Box Developments provides up-market camp accommodation to help companies both attract and retain quality staff by providing fit-outs and facilities that are similar to, if not better than, their own home.

We construct everything from transportable buildings to fully Council approved permanent units or homes.

Perfect for a range of situations

We use a steel frame structure with insulation to ensure that our products are strong, durable, modular, transportable, affordable, and can withstand extreme elements.

We’ll work with you from the design process right through to construction and completion.

Our modular approach means we can construct one piece at a time – whatever your timeframes and budget dictate.

Our product is flexible and we can provide a variety of modules including sleeping quarters, recreation facilities, kitchen and eating facilities, office accommodation, and individual houses.

The fit-out can be as up-market or basic as you require.

It’s the finishing touches that set us apart
Our structures can be cladded in a range of materials, plus the inside walls are gyprocked and set with cornices – just like a standard home. They are also a great solution for granny flats, home extensions and site offices.

A total service

As well as design and construction, we can also supply and install all site services including power generation, water supply, and septic or waste water treatment plants.

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