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PABXsoft ACD - Call Que

Supplier: Reliance Communications

The Call Que/ACD function in PABXsoft is an optional extra that is only available for Samsung telephone systems.

Price Guide: POA

Receptionists and Operators

When the number of incoming calls exceeds the capacity to immediately answer them, the Samsung DCS/iDCS telephone system can place waiting calls in a queue.

PABXSoft's discreet Soft Wallboard, located on the PC task bar provides a simple 'at a glance' view of queue information. A visual and audible alert can also trigger allowing others to help out and pick-up calls that have been waiting too long in queue.

Customer Service, Tele-Sales, ACD/UCD

No matter what the type of business, there are many reasons to use an incoming call distribution system. Whenever calls need to be directed to personnel with special skills or training, or where there is a need to place calls in queue, PABXSoft enhances the features of the Samsung DCS/iDCS system.

PABXSoft provides a simple, efficient and highly cost effective monitoring and reporting tool for supervisors and agents in almost any incoming call answering environment.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Being able to run Reports on incoming call activity is an essential part of the management of any inbound call group. PABXSoft provides not only the thirty reports provided in the normal reporting module, but also an additional four very specific reports for inbound call groups.

Automatic E-Mail Report Scheduling

All reports can be set to print or e-mail automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Samsung DCS/iDCS Telephone Systems

PABXSoft “Call Q” software is designed to work specifically, and only, with the Samsung DCS/iDCS range of digital telephone systems.

Although our standard reporting modules work with any telephone system, the “Call Q” functions and reports are unique to the Samsung DCS/iDCS range. The “Call Q” features are an additional cost to the standard 'Advanced' Reports package.

Unrestricted Site License

PABXSoft Agent, Supervisor and Reporting modules may be installed on multiple computers attached to your office LAN as required at no extra charge. Although theoretically there are no limits to the number of simultaneous users, we recommend an upper limit of seven simultaneous users to maintain database integrity and performance.

Scheduled Reporting

All PABXSoft reports can be scheduled to automatically generate each day, week, or month and then print or be e-mailed without any user intervention.

Real-Time Q Status

PABXSoft receives fresh data from the Samsung telephone system every 3 seconds and updates the 'Soft Wallboard' and 'Supervisor' screen within a further 1-3 seconds depending on your office LAN speeds and traffic. It should be noted that this means that 'Q' information can be a few seconds delayed and is therefore not strictly 'real-time'.

PC Minimum Specifications

All PABXSoft functions work 'in background' and will not noticeably affect the performance of any current PC or Server providing that they have adequate resources.

We recommend Windows 98 or higher on a Pentium II PC with a speed greater than 300MHZ and 128 meg of RAM. Although PABXSoft will run on Windows 95 and PC's with fewer resources than this we do not recommend it.

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