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Packaged system reduces costs at wastewater treatment plants

Supplier: Hydro Innovations
08 February, 2013

A packaged service water pumping system from Gorman-Rupp is said to be more cost effective than "conventional" approaches, according to Australian distributor, Hydro Innovations.

These systems provide service water within the plant for screen cleaning, general cleaning and wash-down, using treated water from the plant.

The "conventional" way to provide this water, according to Hydro Innovations representative, Garry Grant, is with either a standard centrifugal pump or submersible pump system.

He says with the standard centrifugal system, the pumps need to be located below water level which  generally requires a below ground pump station with above ground building, inclusive of stairs, isolation valves, a sump pump, lighting, ventilation etc.

When it is all built, operators need to enter the building, go down stairs and isolate pumps to access and service them.

With a submersible pump system, a building may not be required, but a wet well will need to be built, inclusive of discharge elbow connections, guide rails, lifting chains and some kind of winch to raise the pumps when servicing is necessary.

This may be a cheaper option for the civil costs, but any time pumps need to be serviced, wet well lids need to be opened, pumps need to be hooked up to the winch and raised to the surface. This system is more labour intensive and increases OH&S risks.

The new alternative according to Grant is a Gorman-Rupp packaged self priming pump system. Because pumps can operate on suction lifts to 7.5 metres, the pump station can be located at surface level in a small self-contained fibreglass building (or supplied on a base if the building already exists).

The civil costs are substantially lower with this system than the other alternatives, and stations are fitted with reliable Gorman-Rupp 80 Series or Super U Series pumps, delivering pressures required for service water applications.

And when it comes to maintenance, Gorman-Rupp systems are accessed from ground level, do not require lifting equipment, and pumps are easily monitored and serviced. No confined spaces permits or issues and improved OH&S conditions, according to Grant.

Grant says that because capital costs are lower and maintenance costs are lower, total cost of ownership is much lower with one of these systems than "conventional" ones.

More information on these systems can be obtained from Hydro Innovations on 02 9647 2700 or email them.