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Husky Tapes - packaging and strapping tapes: carton sealing, packing and wrapping, bundling, reinforcing and palletising, paper, polypropylene, PVC and polyester backings, plain and reinforced, high tack and all weather tapes.

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Husky Tapes - Packaging and Strapping Tapes

  • Carton sealing, packing and wrap
  • Bundling, reinforcing and palletising
  • Paper, polypropylene, PVC and polyester backings, plain and reinforced
  • High tack, high strength adhesives

Husky Tapes - Stationery and Printed Tapes

  • Ideal for home, office and hobbies
  • Printed tapes come is standard messages such as "fragile", "handle with care" etc.
  • Custom printed tapes with logos, company details, instructions also available
  • Ideal for advertising, promotions and security

Husky Tapes - Double Sided Tapes

  • A large range of adhesives and carriers for various applications
  • High strength permanent adhesives and removable adhesives available
  • Ideal for permanent mounting of signs and promotional work, to temporary holding at exhibitions or shows
  • Available in cut rolls or logs

Husky Tapes - Double Sided Foam Tapes

  • Strong flexible foams for more demanding applications
  • Available in different thicknesses, adhesives and colours
  • Available in cut rolls or logs 

Husky Tapes - Glazing Tapes

  • High density polyurethane and PVC
  • Single sided and double sided tapes for sealing and spacing
  • In-house die-cutting facilities for window gaskets and mounting tabs for holding colonial bars

Husky Tapes - Adhesive Transfer Tapes

  • High strength, thin adhesive films
  • Available in cut rolls, logs and in reverse wound rolls for dispensers

Husky Tapes - Cloth and Gaffer Adhesive Tapes

  • A tape for all reasons!
  • Sealing, waterproofing, joining, mending, bookbinding, colour coding
  • Available in three grades
  • Wide selection of colours

Husky Tapes - Paper Adhesive Tapes

  • Adhesive Paper tapes for sealing, packaging, masking, holding
  • Ideal for picture framing
  • Hand tearable, economical.

Husky Tapes - Masking Tapes

  • Paper tapes for sealing, packaging, masking, holding
  • Plastic film tapes for fineline applications
  • High temp and general purpose masking tapes, paper and plastic film

Husky Tapes - Foam Sealing Tapes

  • Hard, medium and soft grades
  • Open and closed cell foams
  • For sealing out dust, water, noise, vibrations, insects, draught
  • Available in rolls and die-cut pieces

Husky Tapes - Electrical Insulation Tapes

  • Rubber, acrylic and silicone adhesives
  • Wide range of backings from kapton to PVC to cloth
  • Available in cut rolls, pieces and logs

Husky Tapes - Special Application Tapes

  • UHMW wear resistant tapes
  • Protective, splicing, duct tapes
  • All weather tapes for greenhouse repair and joining and repairing plastic sheeting
  • Silicone kraft and flatback paper, aluminium foils, felts
  • Available in cut rolls, dots, die-cut pieces and log rolls

Husky Tapes - Hazard Tapes

  • Slip tread tapes in a range of colours, in rolls shapes and cleats
  • Reflective tapes in engineering grade, hi intensity and hazard strip
  • Non adhesive barrier tapes in diagonal strips and with printed messages
  • Lane marking tapes in plain colours and warning stripes

Husky Tapes - Tape Dispensers

  • Desk, bench and hand held
  • Convenient, safe and economical
  • Definite length models to measure, cut and dispense tape pieces

 Husky Premium Grade UV Stabilised Polethylene Acrylic Adhesive Transparent Tape.

 Features of Husky - All Weather Tape

  • Aggressive adhesive to polyethylene, PVC and other surfaces
  • Resists water, oil, acid and alkalies
  • Long aging acrylic adhesive
  • Hand tearable - no dispenser required.

Applications of Husky - All Weather Tape

  • Suitable for joining polyethylene sheeting
  • General purpose exterior joining and repairs
  • Repair or reinforce greenhouse and tunnel houses
  • Used as overwrap on piping and electrical binding
  • Anti shatter and surface protection
  • Waterproofing and sealing

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