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Supplier: Weir & Harrod Machinery
02 May, 2006

Weir & Harrod, with 93 years of packaging expertise, have dedicated ourselves in providing the highest quality FILLING, CAPPING, PACKING and TURNKEY SYSTEMS to Drum Filling and Bottling Industries. Weir & Harrod, manufacture liquid filling equipment and capping machines, specialising in packaging for non-carbonated beverages, chemicals, food, household goods and lubricant industries.

The company also are design engineers for induction sealing machines, labellers, bottle rinsers, conveyor systems, bottle unscrambling machines, palletizers and other equipment from leading worldwide companies as part of its full turnkey lines.


Our fill and cap systems include, rotary, single head, piston filling, cap tighteners, monobloc, massflow, volumetric, gravity, steam vacuum (eg. For twist caps), pick & place, inline, pressure and weight filling.


Weir and harrod is now offering a special range of food machines including piston fillers suitable for jams and hot bottle foods as well as steam vacuum cappers to speeds to 150BPM. These machines are highly suited for a whole range of bottle food products.


Weir & Harrod manufacture machines that are robust and simple to maintain and service. Our machines are also capable of doing a wide range of bottles, caps, cartons and products on the same machines. Weir & Harrod is able to meet customers needs due to its ability to customise its machines or entire production lines to suit you, your product and your environment. Research and Development for new improved products as well as Innovation on our existing equipment continues to play a vital part in our company’s vision.


The company continues to meet the challenge to create competitively priced machines with modern up-to-date technology that can deliver large volumes of high quality products.

General Manager, Mr Lynch says. Weir and Harrod manufactures equipment for the basic "setup" to a complete automated turnkey production line. Our equipment are either "Stand Alone" or "Combined" machines, depending on your requirements.Our machines are designed for use by non-technical operators. They are simple to maintain, operate and adjust, therefore making them popular with companies within the Middle East.

 Weir & Harrod has equipment operating in Australia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.


Picture: Rotary Filler and Pushon on Capper.