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Packovation Australia has the past experience to design, install and fully commission complete packaging systems.

Our level of exposure to the packaging industry allows us to operate at all levels from the production floor through to senior management. We combine the directions, plans, needs, capabilities, targets and focus of the client to produce a professional result that will please all personnel.

Our Swedish trained, world class engineers offer over 30 years of Mechatronic engineering ability specifically focused on the requirements of the packaging industry. We maintain constant updating with our manufacturing divisions in Halmstad and Kalmar, Sweden.

Packovation Australia has numerous installations in Australia and New Zealand and supply back up servicing for both Sprinter and Packovation ranges of equipment. Our comprehensive workshop facility allows us to design, engineer and assemble to suit clients specific needs.

Generally most electrical, automation and process management control equipment is designed and assembled in house to ensure all levels of automation are fully operational prior to shipping. Any external supply is commissioned in our complex to ensure our engineers have a full understanding of the principle of operation.

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Use our services for updating or overhauling your current equipment, designing a professional solution to your specific need, design, install and commission a full production line, trouble shooting your current installation, design and install food grade conveying and sortation equipment

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