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PACMotion maximizes the potential of your machine so that you can sell more.

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The unique PACcore architecture allows you to add more axes to complex machines without slowing down the motion update rate. Motion computations are performed in the PACMotion Module and communicated via a virtual dual port interface with PACSync Technology.

PACSystems uses the world renowned FANUC servo systems. Known the world over for their reliability, FANUC servos keep your machine uptime at its peak, making your machine more productive.


  • PACMotion updates the position loop and path planning at consistent rates regardless of the number of axes
  • No performance degradation as you increase the number of axes
  • Path planning and all servo loop closure is done on a powerful coprocessor in each PACMotion module to maximize processor time available to run your application program
  • Motion path planning updated at a blazing 1 millisecond
  • Position loop update occurs every 500 microseconds
  • Axes are updated simultaneously to eliminate phase delays that can cause positional errors
  • Distributed control architecture keeps the processing load off of the main processor so to ensure consistent performance at high speeds and high axis counts
  • Noise immune fiber optic I/O and servo interface increases system reliability maximizing machine availability
  • Three high speed interrupts for each PACMotion module can be configured as event or time-based interrupts to the RX3i CPU enabling tight coordination of motion and machine events
  • On demand data exchange between PACMotion modules and RX3i CPU minimizes scan impact and ensures program access to the most recent data
  • Up to eight axes can be configured for synchronous or time-delayed start; start signal is independent of RX3i CPU eliminating potential processing delays


  • Flexible configuration of the master axis, I/O, and system architecture
  • Centralized or hybrid distributed control
  • Amplifiers can be located centrally or up to 400 meters from the rack
  • On the fly changes make it easy to do instant product change-over at the push of a button for short production runs
  • A flexible master position source can be a real (encoder) or a virtual (time-based) master and master sources can be changed on the fly
  • Master axis commands are passed over the high speed backplane -- any axis to be a master or a slave to any other axis

Engineering Productivity for Quicker Time to Market

  • Integrating the motion and logic onto one system reduces program complexity and greatly simplifies the synchronization of motion and machine control logic
  • A common programming language, tag database, and function blocks allows faster program development time to market and machine commissioning
  • More than 50 built-in motion functions designed to comply with PLCOpen standards are available in Function Blocks or Structured Text languages
  • Powerful diagnostic tools enable high speed data capture and graphical display and a separate diagnostic program that runs independent of the main program

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