Paint Factory Automation Project

Supplier: Haden & Custance Ltd
22 January, 2008

The Automation of this factory was completed in two stages.

Each stage was built and tested in the Haden & Custance workshop prior to installation and commissioning. H&C integrated a number of suppliers into the final solution.

Features of Paint Factory Automation Project

  • Automatic Can Filling line with:
  • Robotic can depalletising
  • Integrated can labeller and filler
  • Integrated handle bailing
  • Automatic can orientator
  • Twin station Robotic Can Palletiser
  • Automatic Pail Filling line with:
  • Integrated pail filler
  • Automatic pail orientator
  • Twin station Robotic Pail Palletiser
  • Automation of Manual Filling lines with:
  • 6 x Automatic can orientator
  • 3 x Robotic Palletisers servicing 6 filling lines
  • Automatic Pallet Dispenser
  • 2 x Trolley cars
  • Combined pallet outfeed with integrated Stretchwrappers & pallet labeller.
  • Automatic Paint transfer system.
  • Production controlled by SAP generated job orders.