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Pallet Amplifier

Supplier: Richardson Electronics

Solid State Broadband High Power Pallet Amplifier 88-108 MHz, 350W i snow available.

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

The RPAP88108M350 is a Class C Pallet Amplifier providing CW
Power output in excess 350 Watts. It features a rugged MOSFET
Transistor, matched for 50-ohms input and output. Thermal
Tracking Bias allows the RPAP88108M350 to operate Class AB
providing 300 Watts PEP with typical 2-tone IMD’s of -30dB
making it a superior choice for the DAB market.

Key Features of Pallet Amplifier:
• 350 Watts Class C
• 50 Ohm input/output
• Thermal Tracking Bias
• 300 Watts PEP class AB

Absolute Maximum Ratings of Pallet Amplifier:
Parameters Value
Input Voltage +55VDC
Bias Current 1.0A
Drain Current 13A
Load Mismatch
All Phase angles, I D=13Ax aM,
2 seconds maximum
Baseplate Temperature +70° C

Operating Specifications of Pallet Amplifier: (Vsupply=+50 VDC, IDq=0.2A, TBase=25° C)
Parameter Min Typ. Max Units
Power Out, CW 350 Watts
Power Gain 16 18 dB
Power In 8 Watts
Frequency 88 108 MHz
Drain Current 12 Amps
Efficiency 65 68 Percent
Input VSWR 1.2:1 1.5:1
Insertion Phase ±5.0 Degrees
Gain Variation ±1.0 dB
Second Harmonic -25 dBc
Third Harmonic -15 dBc
IMD, 2-tone. POPEP300W -28 -30 dBc
Baseplate Temperature 0 60 °C
Baseplate Dimensions 5.08x10.16x3.81cm 2”x4”x1.5”