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Pallet Dispenser | Hook and Tyne Pallet Dispenser

Supplier: Total Lifting Solutions Australia

Pallet Dispensers provide storage and easy retrieval of empty pallets.

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Benefits of Pallet Dispenser-Hook Tyne

  • No manual handling of pallets
  • Frees forklift time as retrieval of pallets can be done with a hand pallet truck
  • Stores pallets safely
  • Capacity of 15 or 25 pallets

Hook Tyne Pallet Dispensers

Hook tyne pallet dispenser incorporates four swing in hook tynes mounted to a hopper that raise and lower with the pallet stack. To dispense a pallet the tynes swing into the second bottom pallet and lift the stack, leaving the bottom pallet free to be removed. This design provides flexibility for pallet entry and exit points.

Hook tyne dispensers can accept a pallet stack placed on the floor from one side and dispense individual pallets onto the floor from the other side. The pallet stack or individual pallets can be loaded or unloaded with forklifts or hand pallet trucks.

This configuration allows the forklift and pedestrian work areas to be separated.


  • Palletising lines using robotic palletisers. Most robots can pick their own pallets from a stack but this can be inefficient. A separate pallet handling system allows the robot to concentrate on the palletising task.
  • In fibreboard plants where bundles of cartons need to be Palletised. The operator with the assistance of a "load former" usually does this. The pallet dispenser then supplies the pallets into the load former as required.
  • Stand-alone applications where a pallet is dispensed onto the floor. This makes individual pallets available to operators without the need for a forklift.


Placarding of automatic equipment is essential.

Operator and forklift driver training is important to minimise the risk of a mishap.


Poor quality or inconsistent pallets are a problem in any automated system. Forklift drivers need to be vigilant and remove bad pallets from the stack before they reach the dispenser

Best Buying

Prices vary with features but can be higher when integration with other equipment is involved. Most pallet types can be handled with existing designs so any re-engineering should be minimal.

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