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Pallet inverter saves Safeway pallet hire

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

Safeway automated warehouse for grocery distribution.


Inversion of goods on damaged pallets to permit rapid re-palletising onto an approved pallet.

The Problem

This Safeway distribution centre handles up to 4,000 pallets per day in it's automated handling system. Defective pallets are rejected by the system and need to be manually restacked onto new pallets. Up to 300 defective pallets can be detected each day resulting in an enormous amount of manual pallet restacking.

This restacking was very costly in terms of man-hours and the cost of injuries incurred.

Product Chosen

Safetech INV 2000 Pallet Inverter.

Benefits of this Product

The Safetech pallet inverter provided numerous benefits:

  • Use of the inverter converted the job from a 2 man to a 1 man operation.
  • Injuries from manual handling were eliminated.
  • Time needed to invert the loads was significantly reduced
  • Safetech worked with Safeway to customise the inverter to suit the exact job requirements
  • Alternatives
  • Forklift attachments that permit pallet inversion. They were considered too expensive as they tied up the forklift and required 2 people to perform the job efficiently.