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Pallet Packing Presses - KPR 131

Supplier: Mosca Australia

MOSCA´s pallett packing presses are manufactured in series based on a unit construction system.


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Features of Pallett Packing Presses - KPR 131:

  • robust construction;
  • program-controlled for incorporation in conveying lines;
  • capable of multiple simultaneous strapping;
  • structural steelwork in closed pressed frame, no foundation required for set- up;
  • strap dispenser for plastic straps; weight- neutral strap feed and strap store;
  • especially suitable for cartons stacked on or without pallets.

Different Models

KPR 131, Basic Model

  • 3 strap guidances with 3 strap guiding lances
  • 2 sealing heads(1 sealing head laterally moveable)
  • Driven roller conveyor

KPK 131,Special Version - Driven roller conveyor with lifting turncross

KPZ 131, Special Version - Driven roller conveyor with centering device

KPA 131, Special Version - Driven roller conveyor with lifting turncross and centering device

KPT 131, Special Version - Turntable with driven roller conveyor

KPK 131 M, Special Version - Driven roller conveyor with lifting turncross and prepositioned centering device in separate roller conveyor

All models are also available in the following versions:

KPR 121 With 2 fixed sealing heads

As well as KPR 141 With 2 sealing heads, laterally movable


  • Underfeed channels( exept KPA and KPZ)
  • Automatic top edge protevtion
  • Conveying elements, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, lifting tables Special passage widths on request
  • 30.000 N (Model KC…)


Capacity - 130 Pallets / h with 2 vertical strappings ( depend upon product size)

Operating Voltage - 400 V, 50 Hz 3 PH/N/PE

Control Voltage - 24 V DC

Total Connection - 6.5 KVA

Passage Widths - 1,800 - 3,200 mm

Compression Force - 50,000 N infinitely adjustable (Model KP…) 30,000 N infinitely adjustable ( Model KC…)

Strap Types - Standard machine grade PP and PET straps

Strap Sizes

  • Width 9.5 - 16.0 mm
  • Thickness 0.4 - 1.0 mm

Break Strength - 2,200 - 7,500 N

Strap Tension - 250 - 4000 N infinitely adjustable

Strap Feed -  4.2 - 8.3 m/s

Sealing Head -  MOSCA friction-weld sealing head

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