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Pallet Wrap & Stretch Wrapping | Get Packed

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Get Packed supplies Australian made pallet wrap and stretch wrapping which is sold as a hand pallet wrap or machine wrap in a variety of thickness, lengths and styles in both clear and black for use with both pallet wrappers and with hand dispensers.

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Pallet wrap is used to wrap around pallets in order to secure goods in such a way that they can be either safely and securely put in store or for safe and secure transport. It is sold in both a standard and pre-stretched form (pre-stretched pallet wrap has been 'pre' stretched so that less effort is required by the user to stretch the pallet wrap around the pallet).

Hand Pallet Wrap 

Hand Pallet Wrap is primarily used when the numbers of pallets being wrapped don't warrant the purchasing of a pallet wrapper. Get Packed supply Hand pallet wrap in a variety of thickness (17um, 20um, 23um, 25um and 35um) in both a standard and pre-stretched form as well as in clear and black - for added privacy and security for your pallet of goods.

Machine Pallet Wrap

Machine Pallet wrap is used in pallet wrappers or stretch wrappers and Get Packed supply a range of pallet wrap in both cast or blown films to suit your pallet of goods. Blown film is best for heavy and irregular shaped loads with the highest puncture resistance whilst cast stretch film has a higher clarity with a lower noise whilst unwinding. Machine pallet wrap is also available in clear or black.

Specialised Palletising Products

Excell Air Ventilated Stretch film is a new generation pallet wrap has holes in it much like netting to allow air flow within and around the pallet.It can be used to palletise chilled or deep frozen products as well as hot palletised products as the aerating holes allows hot products to cool down – avoiding condensation. It also allows for fumigants to be injected. it is available as both a hand pallet wrap and a machine wrap.

Top Sheets and Pallet Bags - Top Sheets are generally taped onto the top of pallets to protect them from dirt, dust or weather. They come on a perforated roll for easy tear off application. They are available in clear or black. Pallet Bags (or shrink bags) come in a range of sizes (see this link for sizes) and thicknesses. They are ideal for securing and protecting pallets and can easily be applied within a few minutes.

Pallet Bands - These are used to assist in stabilising a pallet with irregular shaped goods in a rack prior to applying the pallet wrap and can be used as an alternative to strapping tape.

Grip Sheets - are a non-slip protective paper insert used to place between boxes or products when they're in the pallet to reduce slippage and movement - therefore providing more security to your load. It is used in conjunction with pallet wrap.

Cardboard Edge Protectors / Angle boards - These are simple cardboard corners made to protect the corners of your pallet from any bending or denting that may occur through the use of other pallet protection products. They are available in 75mm, 1200mm or 1000mm length with 60mm width.

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To find our more specific information on our range of Pallet Wrap, please either follow the links above, or for more information on Pallet Stabilisation products that will assist in stabilising pallets please follow this link where all products can be purchase online.

Pallet Stabilisation

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