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Palletising solution for trans-Tasman civil contract company

Supplier: Nachi Australia
19 November, 2009

A Nachi Robotics Network Partner was employed to solve a palletising problem for a customer that supplies a wide range or ready-mix products.


Due to the wide range of products, multiple bag sizes, weights (ranging from 25kgs through to 40kgs) and run sizes (from single pallet through full days production) Customer required an automated palletising system that was extremely flexible and when selected could automatically palletise any one of their products.

The design had to be able to:

  •  Palletise 18+ different bag sizes (with out changing end effector)
  •  Automatically stack bags into 10+ different stacking combinations
  •  Automatically load and empty pallet
  •  Automatically load completed pallet onto pallet rapper
  •  Palletise a bag every 7 seconds
  •  Run 24 hrs a day
  •  Integrate with existing plant
  •  Operate in harsh environment
  •  Future proof (have the ability to add new products when required)


The solution was the use of a Nachi 166ST Robot integrated with a specific design and built product feed conveyor, pallet conveyor and a fully vacuum adjustable end effector, to enable the robot to stack multiple bag sizes, weights and configurations at the touch of button.

  • Nachi 166 ST 6-axis robot
  • Pneumatic adjustable Grippers
  • Robot Interface with Feed Conveyors
  • Auto sensing through-out process
  • Fully automated end effector (will automatically adjust to fit bag size)
  • Robot Interface with Automated Load/unload of pallets
  • Design and build of conveyor system
  • Programming
  • Safety fence / Laser curtains


  •  Continuous Palletising
  •  Increased Production
  •  Reduced Labour Costs
  •  Consistent stacking quality
  •  Adaptability (future proofing)