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Panasonic KX-TVM50 Voicemail System

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The human voice is still the best way to communicate. With the Panasonic KX-TVM50AL and KX-TVM200AL, Panasonic introduces two feature-packed Voice Processing Systems (VPS) designed for efficient communication.

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Panasonic KX-TVM50 Voicemail System


The human voice is still the best way to communicate. With the Panasonic KX-TVM50AL and KX-TVM200AL, Panasonic introduces two feature-packed Voice Processing Systems (VPS) designed for efficient communication.

The KX-TVM50AL and KX-TVM200AL each offer Automated Attendant Automatic Call Routing and Message Notification, each can be customised to your needs.

Other new features include Email Notification and Voice Mail Menu using the LCD on Panasonic Proprietary Telephones (PT).

With the KX-TVM50AL and KX-TVM200AL, Panasonic delivers new levels of communication ease and efficiency that can help any business be more productive.

System Expansion

When your business grows, you need a Panasonic Voice Processing System that can grow with you. As your needs change over time, the KX–TVM50AL and KX-TVM200AL can be expanded to keep up with your increased call traffic. The KX-TVM50AL comes equipped with 2 ports, capable of handling 2 calls at once.

This entry level system is ready to satisfy small scale voice mail needs right out of the box and can be expanded to 6 ports, handling 6 calls at once.

Recording time can also be doubled by adding a KX-TVM524 4-Hour Recording Time Expansion Card. The larger-scale KX-TVM200AL can be expanded to 24 ports, handling 24 calls at once. Recording time is an incredible 1000 hours.

Voice Mail (VM) Menu on the LCD

For easier operation, Voice Mail menus and the number of new messages received can be displayed on the LCD screens of Proprietary Telephones. Users can retrieve messages or specify parameters.

Custom Service

Using Custom Service, you can give callers 1-digit access to department extensions, special announcements and other information. The caller listens to the first Custom Service menu, then selects from the options available.


Even while you are away from the office, the Panasonic Voice Processing System will make sure you never miss a message.

You can configure the system to notify you by email when you have received new messages; you can then log in to your mailbox remotely and listen to your messages.

Better yet, have the system send your new messages in telephone-quality WAV file format as email attachments and listen to your messages without even picking up the phone!

You can easily forward them by email to other parties and keep backup copies of those messages on your PC. Calling the office to check your messages is finally a thing of the past.

Voice Mail Service

The KX-TVM50AL provides 64 password-protected mailboxes while the KX-TVM200AL provides 1024. When callers reach your mailbox, they can hear a personal greeting that you recorded and then leave a message.

You can also set the system to automatically forward messages to a back-up mailbox,if desired.

Automated Attendant Service

Answers incoming calls and routes the caller to the appropriate extension or department.

Interview Service

The KX-TVM50AL and KX-TVM200AL can provide a kind of “interview service”. You can record up to 10 questions and set the system up so that when someone calls, he or she is sent to the question-and-answer mailbox.

The system will ask the questions and then record the caller’s answers. This is ideal for such uses as taking mail orders, screening job applicants or conducting surveys.

Message Waiting Notification

This feature tells you when a caller has left a message in your mailbox. It can notify you in any of three ways:

  • By lighting the “message waiting” lamp on your telephone.
  • By sending a message to your beeper, either telling you to call your mailbox or actually providing the caller’s number.
  • By calling you at a telephone number you specified in advance.

Multilingual Voice Prompts

You can program Multilingual Voice Prompts. The opening greeting can be set to let the caller choose a language and you can even program different incoming phone lines to be answered in different languages. It’s a great feature for global businesses.

Direct Mailbox Access

Mailbox owners can retrieve new messages simply by calling from your extension or pre-registered telephone number. No confusing log-in codes are required.

Automatic Message Forward / Copy Message

If messages have not been “picked up” after a specified period of time, the system can be programmed to automatically move or copy the message to another mailbox.

Holiday Service

The system can play special greetings for holidays and special service settings can be programmed.

Playback Volume / Speed Control

Subscribers can change playback volume or speed while listening to messages.

Fax Detection

When a port receives a fax call and fax tones are detected, the system will automatically transfer the call to the designated fax extension.

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