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Pandemic Preparedness Items

Supplier: Galahad Distribution

The company has supplied pandemic preparedness items for some of the most significant corporate and government entities in Australia. Products offered are selected on the basis of quality and value-for-money and we have a comprehensive range.

Price Guide: POA

Galahad Distribution recommends seven (7) basic product types for preparing for business continuity in the event of a pandemic. These are:

Antibacterial Hand Gel. Wall-mounted units such as Aqium 1L or Purell are best and will also reduce staff absences through gastrointestinal disorders. Smaller sizes tend to disappear quickly and personal issue can sometimes be better achieved with antibacterial wipes. Almost all a/bacterial gels are flammable (Dangerous Goods) so caution is required in selecting appropriate storage.

Surface/Equipment Cleaner/Sanitizer. Virkon tablets are recommended: simple to use; minimum storage space and good shelf life. Alternative Contain 5000 sachets. Both types simply mix with water when required for use.

Facemasks. N95, P2 & FFP-2 all available, roughly equivalent and good performers but with disadvantage that they are all fairly uncomfortable, single-use and can trap viable virus particles in/on the fabric for long periods. The "Virogard" mask provides a useful and cost-effective alternative as Influenza viruses are killed on contact with the fabric. Added advantages are re-usability (to 20 warm-water washes) and comfort. We do NOT recommend conventional surgical masks for protection of the wearer from viruses although these do have a place in reducing the spread of infection when worn by persons already infected.

Gloves. Latex clear disposables are standard but some people suffer an allergic reaction to these so usually allow about 10% of stock as Vinyl (blue to avoid confusion). Consider Nitrile as a more effective option although these will cost a few dollars more. Confusion can abound with multiple sizes so 50:50 Medium & Large is a good compromise.

Coveralls. Hospital gowns are good in a medical environment but not very practical in the general workplace. Coveralls provide much improved protection and are more practical for such tasks as cleaning or other manual work. We recommend Dupont Tyvek with hood.

Personal Antibacterial Wipes. These items have broad usage from personal hygiene to cleaning of telephones and computers etc ("touch points") and provide a practical alternative to individual issue of hand gel. Wipes are available in individual sachets (boxes of 500), resealable packs of 20, & desk-tubs of 75 or 100.

Goggles. Not often regarded a high priority but these provide a useful degree of added personal protection and are valuable for staff mixing or spraying disinfectants.

All or any of the full range of items can be supplied either individually or in bulk at real value-for-money pricing.

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