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Panel Mounting Analogue Meters | IPD

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IPD Panel Mounting Analogue Meters - Analogue metering instruments readout by a moving pointer along a graduated scale.

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IPD Panel Mounting Analogue Meters

These type of instruments are commonly used due to their high efficiency, measuring accuracy and low cost. Analogue metering instruments are mainly used in panels for electric power monitoring and switchboards.

The different apparatus measure AC current, voltage, frequency, maximum demand, hour run and include switchable ammeters and voltmeters.


Insulating Voltage

2kV for one minute between the internal mechanism and the case, and between terminals which are electrically isolated.

Permanent Overloads

  • Voltage circuits: 1,2 Vn
  • Current circuits: -1.2 In (1.5 In for moving iron devices)

Short-time Overloads

Voltage circuits: 2 Vn during 5s

Current Circuits:

  • 5 In during 30s
  • 10 In during 5s
  • 40 In during 1s


Mounting Position

All devices are designed and calibrated for vertical mounting.The tolerance is ±5° for any alternative.

Ambient Temperature

The effect of the temperature on the accuracy class depends on the measuring range. Generally, the devices keep their accuracy class between +13°C and +33°C.

Relative Humidity

The accuracy class is stable within an interval from 25 to 80% for non-condensed relative humidity.

Ferromagnetic Stand

The nature and width of the panel sheet does not affect the accuracy class.

Auxiliary Supply

The accepted tolerance for the rated values of the auxiliary supply is:

Voltage: +10% / -15% Frequency: 45 ... 65Hz

Temperature Limits

The measuring instruments and their accessories can operate normally within temperature ranges of -25°C to +40°C without permanent damage. Range for storage is -40°C up to +70°C.

Movement Bearing

The movements of all indicating instruments are fitted with pivot bearings in order to make the instruments vibration-proof up to max. 2.5g and shock-proof up to 15g, the movements are fitted with resilient jewel bearing.


The instruments and their accessories can operate normally within a vibration tolerance of up to ±0.25mm of amplitude with a frequency of 50 cycles/sec. This vibration is equivalent to 20 minutes of acceleration of 2.5g to the perpendicular axis.


The instruments and their accessories resist impact with a 15g acceleration, applied in the perpendicular axis direction.

Protection Degree (IP Rating)

Instrument cases have an IP52 degree of protection and their terminals have an IP20 cover supplied as standard.

Magnetic Field

All the devices keep their accuracy class under an external magnetic field with a <=0.5 mT value.

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