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Paqworks release Moxa Serial to Ethernet Terminal Servers

Supplier: Paqworks by Madison Technologies

New from Paqworks is the Moxa CN2600 Serial to Ethernet terminal Server.

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New from Paqworks is the Moxa CN2600 Serial to Ethernet terminal server featuring the world’s first terminal server armed with dual network redundancy and that offers data communication backup to reduce data loss risk.

Employing the Moxa CN2600 with built in “Redundant COM” mode and dual Ethernet ports, dual Ethernet redundancy can easily be implemented without additional software development effort. This technology substantially cuts down financial and time investment, and provides enhanced reliability to industries such as power substations in which data communication is critical.

Power substations apply sophisticated networks for data acquisition and access control. Serial devices such as meters and power-generation equipment are frequently located at the substations and linked to the control room through device servers over Ethernet. To address the increasing demand for reliable networking data communication, system integrators must invest in developing software for redundancy system control and communication to ensure reliability. Designed with “Redundant COM” feature, the CN2600 series enable continuous device connection to the PC host even in the event of daily operational network failure, and without any programming difficulties.

Dual Ethernet and Dual Host for Data Transmission Backup

Redundancy is a key requirement for numerous industrial applications. Different solutions have been designed to ensure systems continue running during equipment or software failure. Special “watchdog” hardware is necessary to implement hardware redundancy, and a "token" switching mechanism is required at the software level. Consolidating both physical hardware and software-level specifications, the CN2600 series offer an easy-to-use network redundancy solution with network connection.

The “Redundant COM” mode of the CN2600 series is specially designed for redundant connection between serial devices and a host computer. Employing the two built-in LAN ports on the CN2600, the host computer connects to the terminal server via two independent LANs. If one LAN fails, data will continue to be transmitted between the serial devices and the host using the other LAN. The most significant advantage of MOXA’s “Redundant COM” mode is that the LAN switchover is instantaneous. Data transmission between the host and the serial devices is not interrupted or delayed even if one of the LANs fails.

The CN2600 can also be used to establish “dual host” redundancy, where two separate hosts connect to the serial devices via two separate networks. Should one of the hosts fail, data continues to be transmitted between the serial devices and the second host over the other LAN. They also can used to establish “dual power” redundancy, dual power contains two power inputs and redundant internal power suppliers to ensure console port and LANs port availability in the event of the power circuit failure.

Using these features to secure data transmission in mission-critical environments, the CN2600 terminal server series is a perfect fit for the modern power market that provides redundant data communication without the need to develop complex software applications.

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