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Parcel Carrier Terminals implements Vaculex manual handling systems

Supplier: Materials Handling
09 January, 2012

Materials Handling has partnered with Vaculex to implement various manual handling solutions for Parcel Carrier Terminals.

Parcel Carrier Terminals operates small and large terminals involving considerable manual handling of parcels. While manual handling tends to dominate the operations at smaller terminals, larger terminals mostly employ automated sorting systems to handle the sorting and terminal logistics but still depend on manual handling for a significant part of the operation.

When large and heavy parcels do not fit the automated sorting system, they need to be handled manually due to the lack of lift assists. Manual handling has previously been the only alternative when loading and unloading containers or trailers, and sorting parcels between pallets, cages and conveyors. Manual handling placed the workers at risk of injury, given that some of the parcels could weigh up to 40kg. Repetitive strain injuries and spinal injuries, and consequently high sick absence, low productivity and dissatisfied workers were some of the outcomes of manual handling work.

Materials Handling has partnered with Vaculex to develop and implement ergonomic solutions to solve the manual handling problems at Parcel Carrier Terminals. Manual handling systems designed to potentially increase the productivity whilst minimising risk of injury have been implemented at the terminals. In addition to enabling simple integration of the manual handling equipment into the existing handling system and ease of use by workers, Vaculex also offers solutions for applications in limited spaces such as low head room, narrow passages and narrow areas.

Vaculex solutions for Parcel Carrier Terminals are designed for loading or unloading loose loaded containers and trailers as well as sorting parcels between cages, pallets and conveyors.

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