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Part 2 – Save 70% On Your Electricity Bill with Daisy Chaining

Supplier: Orb Engineering Services Pty Ltd By: James Palmer - Orb
22 November, 2018

Case study demonstrating improved productivity and savings of daisy-chaining LED Lighting.

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In our last article, we spoke about the positive impacts of using daisy chaining lights have on your Site where we discussed safety, installation time, improved productivity and savings.   I thought I would follow-up the article with an actual case study demonstrating all these points.

An example of daisy chaining

A General Contractor was awarded a contract to build a 112,000m² Shopping Centre in North America in 2014 and the build was estimated to take 2-years.   As it was a new build and had no access to a grid connection, the project started by utilizing generators to provide site power.   The Contractor had 2 choices for site lighting, either use 400W metal halide high bay lights or the 120W Beacon360 Blaze area lights.   Lind was chosen due to its performance guarantee’s and the Contractor installed 255 lights fitted with the magnet mount.   Many of you might not be aware that metal halide lights require time to warm-up and cool-down.   If power is interrupted to the site, they wont be able to operate for at least 15 minutes.   These interruptions have a negative impact on productivity as the workers must wait for the lights to start.

So, what did the General Contractor actually save?

  • Electricity savings   US$110,000
  • Replacement bulb savings US$10,000
  • Over 1,000,000 kWH of energy saved, enough to power 100 homes for a year
  • Over 700 metric tons CO2 was avoided, that's equivalent to taking 149 cars off the road

A great example of where a Contractor can save $’s and have a positive impact on the environment, a truly win-win scenario.