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Particle & Surface Sciences

Particle & Surface Sciences | Particle Charaterisation Instrumentation

Particle & Surface Sciences

Particle and Surface Sciences (PsS) has continually provided instrumentation, services and expert advice in the field of particle characterisation since 1991. There are many companies that distribute particle characterisation systems, but none that provide the high level of specialist technical support that can only come from a company that deals only in particle characterisation like Particle and Surface Sciences does.

PsS is the local source of equipment, materials and support for the names that lead the field in powder and particulate characterisation The companies which PsS represent are:

- ATM Corporation
- Dataphysics
- Impact
- Micromeritics
- MipOy
- PsS POLA 3000™
- Spectro inc.
- Topas

The complete range of accessories, such as expansion kits, software algorithms, sample preparation equipment, which all enhance the application of the equipment is also available.

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