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Particle Size Analyzer -Saturn DigiSizer 5200

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Micromeritics is proud to introduce a new generation of static light scattering particle size analyzers. The Saturn DigiSizer™ is the first instrument to utilize advanced digital detection technology to deliver exceptionally high levels of resolution, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.

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Data reduction is accomplished by reproducing the experimental data set from Mie theory calculations; there are no so-called "Black Box" data reduction methods, and no prior assumptions of particle size distribution, modality, or distribution type made with the Saturn DigiSizer.

Patented features in Saturn DigiSizer's sample handling module assure homogeneous dispersions and representative sampling. In addition, an automatic sample feeder is available.

The Saturn DigiSizer and its many analysis and operating features will contribute to the efficiency and success of your product development, quality control, or academic research by providing fast, detailed, and reliable particle size information.

The high-resolution detector system in the Saturn DigiSizer makes it possible to detect subtle differences in scattering patterns, and therefore subtle differences in particle size distributions.

These elusive variations could mean the difference between a superior product and an inferior product, or the understanding or misunderstanding of a physical process.

The Saturn DigiSizer also provides instrument-to-instrument, site-to-site reproducibility, and analysis-to-analysis repeatability, important factors in many applications.

These performance features are augmented by control and reporting of all sample parameters and analysis parameters and fully-automated ("no button") operation.

An advanced reporting system allows you to examine raw data as well as various formats of reduced data.


'No Button' Operation

To start an analysis you simply create a sample file, or if running multiple samples with the same analysis conditions, choose Quick Start; the Saturn DigiSizer does the rest-- no other operator intervention is required.

Sample material is simply placed into the reservoir, the Saturn DigiSizer recognizes its presence and automatically begins the analysis. The optional Autodispersion and Autodilution feature monitors the samples concentration and adds liquid as needed until optimum concentration is obtained.

The Saturn DigiSizer then performs the analysis, produces a report, rinses the system, and awaits introduction of the next sample.

Reporting System

For any instrument system employing the static light scattering (SLS) technique, there are two major tasks prior to producing a particle size analysis report.

First is to collect a data set that characterizes the scattering pattern, and second is to determine what combination of sizes and relative quantities of particles are represented by the scattering pattern.

Then, quantity distribution (number, area, volume or mass) by size and statistics of the distribution can be reported. Reduced data of this type typically is the only output reported by other currently available instruments.

The Saturn DigiSizer, however, provides raw data in various formats including graphics of raw light measurements (2-D and 3-D representations), exported ASCII tables of intensity vs. angle data, and an intensity versus angle plot overlaid with a plot of the Mie model set determined to best fit the experimental data.

From the reduced data, the Saturn DigiSizer generates the following reports:

  • Combined Report
  • Standard Class Size Table
  • Standard Sieve Table
  • Particle Size Table
  • Cumulative Fraction Table ·
  • Cumulative Graph
  • Frequency Graph
  • Difference from Reference Graph
  • Out of Spec Graph
  • Surface Area
  • Surface Area Population
  • Background Graph
  • Goodness of Fit Graph
  • Rosin-Rammler
  • Summary
  • Sample Log

All reports can be viewed on screen or printed. The graphs also can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into other applications or stored as image files. You can zoom in on portions of the graphs or shift the axes to examine the fine detail of the distribution.

In addition, all plots can be personalized with your choice of fonts and your own company logo on the header for custom reports and presentations. You can compare (via overlays) current analysis results to those of previous analyses or a reference analyses.

Summary reports include analysis parameters to assure the analysis was performed under required conditions.

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