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Particulate Concentration Air Quality Monitoring | Quest – EVM Series

Supplier: Air-Met Scientific

Quest EVM Series of Particulate Concentration Air Quality Monitoring. Simultaneous measurements of particulate and gas concentrations.

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Real-time direct reading particulate monitor

The EVM-3 provides real-time direct reading of particulate concentrations, along with temperature and relative humidity measurements. The dial-in impactors allow for quick selection of particulate settings PM2.5, PM4, PM10 or TSP without disassembly.

A built in air sampling pump assists in the collection of particulates while the laser photometer provides real-time measurement. A standard 25 or 37mm gravimetric cassette can be utilized for sampling and laboratory analysis and help provide correlation for real-time direct reading measurements.


Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Analysis

The EVM-4 is designed for comprehensive indoor air quality analysis with its ability to simultaneously monitor and log one toxic gas, carbon dioxide, relative humidity and temperature.

The instruments compact size and displayed overview of parameters make indoor air quality assessment easy. This versatile monitor features a tripod mount and security code protection for unattended stationary studies.

Additionally, the EVM-4 offers calculation of room air exchange rates with carbon dioxide trending algorithms for in-depth air quality evaluation (with QuestSuite™ Professional II Software)

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Analysis

When it comes to monitoring a variety of air quality hazards, Quest Technologies has made it easy with the new EVM-7.

The EVM-7 lets you simultaneously measure particulates, volatile organic compounds, toxic gas, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, temperature and air velocity. By offering two instruments in one, you'll enjoy a lower cost of ownership and the freedom of not lugging around multiple instruments from site to site. And that's just the beginning.

As with many Quest instruments, the EVM-7 provides a wide range of features, from basic monitoring to advance functions. Quest, endeavours to produce monitors that are just as packed with features as they are easy to use. And the EVM-7 is no exception. Its large display and buttons, simple screens, straightforward commands and robust software solutions put all of the EVM-7's capabilities right at your fingertips.


  • Simultaneously measures particulate and gas concentrations
  • Dial-in rotary impactor
  • 90° light scattering photometer
  • Built in sampling pump for gravimetric analysis
  • Factory calibrated.

The Quest EVM Series is available at Air-Met Scientific for sale and rental.