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Payroll Software Packages | CASPER® Payroll

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Payroll Software Packages | CASPER® Payroll has been designed to provide an overall solution to the payroll requirements in a variety of companies. This has brought about the flexibility to enable the Payroll Software Packages | CASPER® Payroll to be adapted to almost any payroll environment.

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Payroll Software Packages | CASPER® Payroll is written to use an open database structure. It will operate on stand-alone PC's, networks and client server environment (Wholly Australian Owned).

Major features of Payroll Software Packages | CASPER® Payroll are:

  • Detailed employee records with human resource information and statistical data.
  • Complete Detailed history and leave history.
  • Detailed employee enquiry with multiple lookup and search options.
  • Reviews, Reminders and notes allow a multitude of tasks to be recorded and reported.
  • A full suite of standard reports for payruns, exceptions, costing and auditing.
  • Finance Interface with full costing via self balancing double entry system.
  • On-Costs and Salary Sacrifice with flexible calculations based on gross, basic and variable rates.
  • Timesheets entry options which reduce data entry time and increase flexibility.
  • Timesheet Duplication for speed entry e.g. Public Holidays.
  • Allowances and Deductions have the flexibility for all cases required including date activation.
  • Payrun Options.
    • - Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly and Special runs.
    • - Multiple paygroups available
    • - Multiple payslip creation
    • - Flexible taxation options via employee, timesheet and payrun
  • Emailing and Printing payslips available.
  • Auditing and Security via user defined access options.
  • Auto reducing deductions, allowances and on-costs.
  • User written reports can be created via third party reporting tools.
  • ATO Compliant.
  • Fringe Benefit Processing and superannuation from an external source.
  • Electronic Funds Transfers with unlimited bank accounts and deductions.
  • Salary, Timesheet & Casual employees with combinations of auto pays or manual.
  • Minimal day to day processing and house keeping required.
  • Employee enquiry access to their own details.
  • Leave Management

Features Table for Payroll Software Packages | CASPER® Payroll

Minimal Day to Day Processing The payroll is structured in such a way that there is very little an operator has to do apart from general updates, data entry and payruns. This enables minimal time to be utilised in system supervision. Many items in the package are user definable eg Data entry types and Reports. This allows the system manager to choose the features to be utilised and takes the onus off the operator, especially at data entry time.

Review, Reminders and Notes A variety of salary reviews, reminders and general notes can be stored on each employee. These can be accessed via the reminder check and automatically display during a payrun.

Salary, Timesheet & Casual Employees The payroll system pays wages and salary people on an exception basis. Casual and timesheet employees are paid according to the timesheets entered. Timesheets can be entered in advance and they can have a range of dates to allow more accurate backpays.

Electronic Funds Transfer The EFT facility allows transmission of employee wages directly into their nominated bank accounts. Deductions can use EFTs as well.

ATO Compliant and Fringe Benefits CASPER meets the Australian Taxation Office requirements for plain paper payment summaries plus electronic lodging of these documents.Full fringe benefit processing is available including on-cost calculations and reporting for taxation purposes.

Finance Interface A full set of journals are created within CASPER and these can be exported in ASCII format to various accounting systems. There are also direct links available to some systems e.g. Sybiz Vision.

User Written Reports There are a large number of reports available in CASPER, however users can also write their own reports using third party report writing tools and these can be added to the standard set of reports. Existing reports can be used as a base for new reports.

Allowances & Deductions Allowances can be unlimited per employee, pay by amount, percentage or rate and can be enabled for a date range. Deductions can be unlimited per employee, deducted by amount, percentage or rate. They can be designated as tax, super and ordinary types.

On-Costs and Salary Sacrifice An unlimited number of on-costs and salary sacrifice items can be attached to each employee. This can dissected across wage account codes. Employer superannuation is also available via this facility and can be linked to employee superannuation schemes.

Timesheets entry options Timesheets are parameter driven for speed and accuracy and allows forward dated entries plus multiple user defined leave types. Entries can be reviewed and updated via a test run or before payrun update. Multiple awards/rates can be selected for each employee as well as multiple/split payslips.

Timesheet Import Timesheets can be imported from an ASCII file to speed up data entry and processing.

Timesheet Duplication Timesheets can be duplicated to create standard entries for all or some employees e.g. Public Holidays and RDOs.

Payrun options Payruns can be automatic for groups of employees as well as selective. A set of Payrun reports can be defined for each site. Payslips can be user defined as well. There are multiple tax options from standard tax table to tax selection on specific employees or timesheets. Pre payrun exception reports can be run as well as exceptions once pays are calculated. The system allows for Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly and Special payruns.

Reports and Job stream There are many standard reports available. These can be printed to the screen and/or printer as well as exported via various formats for external use. A report job stream is also available to allow batches of reports to be run e.g. Post Payrun, End of Month etc.

Comprehensive Search and Lookups Using the filter menu option on the employee screen allows you to search for employees with specific details. You can enter details into a combination of fields to get a short list of employees e.g. Select employees with a specific paygroup whose surname includes certain letters and started after a date.

Auditing and Security There are audit trails maintained throughout the system and security is via user/password with multiple levels of access available.