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PC-based Control Software Solution - Think & Do® Live!™

Supplier: Direct Automation

Think & Do® Live!™ offers a simple PC-based control software solution with transparent control scalability across a full range of Microsoft® Windows® platforms.

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Think & Do® Live! Software is an intuitive, all-in-one package including: flowchart logic for control, integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI), motion control, PID loop, productivity tools, and enterprise connectivity.

Faster Development

Live! includes standard flowchart blocks and supports concurrent flowchart execution allowing simple, modular logic design for rapid debug and maximum reuse. To keep things easy, specialized flowchart blocks are included for motion control, PID loop control and serial device interfacing.

Common Tagname Database

Live! includes an HMI development system that is integrated with logic development. The HMI includes basic shapes and animations as well as a library of automation-specific bitmap images.

Live! allows development of logic and screens in parallel because both use a single tagname database. Users can create tagnames on the fly as they develop an application, or create them in advance using a simple data entry grid.

Reusable Logic

Live! includes subcharts, which are essentially subroutines that can be directly called from other flowcharts. Subcharts allow users to create logic and then easily reuse it in the same project or in other projects. Subcharts maintain their own tagname database and access global data through named parameters.

Easy to use Motion and PID Interfaces

Motion control and PID loop control is integrated with the rest of the control logic right in the flowcharts. All the motion control and PID parameters are available to both the control logic and HMI screens. PID and motion control blocks use simple fill-in-the-blank configuration forms that are easy to use.

Embedded Control targets for lower cost and smaller footprints

Live! allows you to take full advantage of the power, flexibility and cost effectiveness of Windows® CE® for applications requiring low-cost, diskless, embedded controllers.

Productivity Analysis – find the bottlenecks in your process!

Productivity analysis functions are included in Live! Built-in data gathering functions make it easy to track downtime, cycle time and productivity figures. The system automatically creates a whole set of actionable information displays. Asset utilization analysis can be used for the following:

  • Continuous productivity initiatives
  • Periodic productivity reviews
  • Best-practice identification
  • Shift, machine, line, and plan benchmarking
  • Capacity planning
  • Equipment utilization studies
  • Preventive maintenance planning
  • System optimization

From Shop Floor to Top Floor

Easily connect and transfer data throughout the factory. Entivity Studio provides a full range of enterprise connectivity to these information systems:

  • ERP
  • SPC
  • MES

… utilizing the latest communication technology:

  • OPC 2.0 client and server
  • DDE servers


USE SAME AS STUDIO Contact Entivity for custom driver requirements

Other Notable Features

Serial Device Support for Bar Code Readers and RF Tag Readers

Live! has a built-in serial communications flowchart block to handle interactions to devices like bar code readers and RF tag readers. The block includes built-in parsing features to accelerate application development and reduce errors.

Fast and Simple I/O Configuration

I/O configuration is fast and easy with Live! Built-in device network configuration and management tools poll ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus and SDS networks to determine which I/O modules are installed. The software even draws an active image of the entire I/O network, allowing wiring checkout and verification independent of the control logic.

Online Changes

To slash debugging time, Live! Includes online change capability for both logic and HMI screens. Control logic flowcharts and screens can be edited while the application is running, and the updated versions are automatically inserted in the open application between logic scans.

System Requirements:

  • PC CPU speed: P-133
  • RAM: NT - 32MB min, 64 suggested; W2K - 64MB; XP - 128MB
  • Video RAM: 2MB
  • Minimum HDD Space NT: 500MB, Win2K: 2.31GB
  • NT/2000/XP Certified: YES
  • Type of HDD: UDMA or SCSI