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Perfect product browning

Supplier: Heat and Control
07 May, 2015

Heat and Control has perfected product browning in a spiral oven with the CEO™ Colour Enhancing Oven™. Available in single and twin-drum models, CEO combines controlled browning of both sides of products with uniform high-volume cooking.

"CEO develops appetising product colour and flavour during the final stages of cooking where these enhancements are most effective," explains James Padilla, Heat and Control.

"After months spent on R&D testing, resulted with Heat and Control developing a colour enhancement system that applies browning at the optimal point in the cooking process…..Customers now have control to develop colour on both sides of products, with all the benefits of high-capacity, high-yield cooking with limited floor space."

In addition to superior browning, the CEO spiral oven cooks product uniformly, wherever it is located on the conveyor belt. Hot, moisture-controlled air is evenly distributed in a 360-degree pattern ensuring equal and uniform heating across all tiers. Steam, dry heat, or both, are controlled independently providing optimal cooking conditions for different products.

Fully modulating moisture control with natural gas, or thermal fluid heating produce an optimal cooking environment. The PLC control with easily accessible process parameters for multiple products provides repeatable browning and cooking with fast changeovers.

Uniform cooking across the belt

Have you measured the temperature uniformity of different ovens recently?

Heat and Control designed the AirForce impingement and Spiral Ovens to deliver the industry's most even temperature across the product conveyor width. Uniform cooking assures each piece of product reaches the same safe core temperature in the same amount of time, and has consistent surface qualities, saving fuel and delivering high product yields because of reduced cook times, eliminating the need to overcook.

How the AirForce delivers uniform impingement cooking:

  • Plenums with internal fans in hood and base
  • Fans create high air pressure inside plenums
  • Uniform pressure forces air evenly out of all nozzles above and below the product conveyor

Benefits: Even air flow in AirForce eliminates areas of uneven temperature common in ovens using fans located outside the plenums.

How Spiral Oven delivers uniform cooking:

  • Fan centered over a dispersion cone above the spiral conveyor
  • Air flows in an even 360-degree pattern all around the conveyor
  • Fan suction draws air equally across all conveyor tiers as it returns up the centre of the spiral conveyor

Benefits: One centerline fan evenly envelops the entire spiral conveyor in the cooking atmosphere. This eliminates areas of uneven temperature found in ovens utilising different airflow patterns.

Reliable and uniform breading application

Use the same breading applicator to coat a wide range of products. With the simple change of the top hopper, apply flour pre-dust, Japanese crumb, other free-flowing / non free-flowing breadings. Gentle handling reduces crumb breakdown yet quickly transports heavy breadings.

Customised or standard, all breading applicators accelerate productivity and trim the costs of maintenance and sanitation.

Choose from:

  • MicroBreader™
  • SureCoat® universal breading applicators
  • Drum breaders
  • EasyCoat® applicators.