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Perma Pro MP6 & perma Pro-C MP6

Supplier: Perma Australia

The perma Pro MP6 (Multi-Point 6) and perma Pro-C MP6 are automatic, multi-point lubrication systems with unique characteristics. The perma Pro MP6 (Multi-Point 6) and perma Pro-C MP6 are fitted with a 500cc canister of factory filled grease which is distributed evenly across either 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 individual lubrication points.

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Perma Pro MP6 & perma Pro-C MP6

The Pro MP6 system is a stand alone, battery powered system.  Meanwhile, the Pro-C MP6 is a PLC controlled system.  The Pro-C (C for Control) is primarily designed for machines which stop for extended durations of time, during which time the lubrication system goes into a "waiting mode" and does not discharge again until the machine recommences operation.  In addition to this feature, the system status can be monitored via a PLC-control system (eg. warning lights).

Unlike traditional progressive divider-block style grease distributors there is negligible grease pressure drop across the MP6 unit.  To achieve this the MP6 utilises a rotating distributor which is programmed and controlled by the perma Pro unit. 

If all six outlets are not required the redundant outlets are simply bypassed by the rotating distributor.  In the event that a grease blockage occurs in one of the lines the perma Pro lubricator will identify that there is a problem by activating a flashing red LED and identifying the error (and the relevant line) on the LCD display.  Meanwhile, the remainder of the points will continue to be lubricated.

The pressure output from each outlet of the MP6 is 25 bar which allows grease lines up to 5 meters in length to be installed from each of the six outlets.

Performance Features and Benefits:

  • Intelligent lubrication of up to six points
  • Line blockages are clearly identified whilst the remaining lubrication points continue to be greased
  • 25 bar pressure output allows the flexibility of grease lines up to 5 meters in length
  • Can be programmed to deliver the full volume of grease at multiple time settings up to 24 months

Lubrication systems should be mounted in IP 66 cabinets for outdoor operation or in indoor environments where high levels of dirt and water are anticipated.

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