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Personal Combustible Gas Monitor - GP-01

Supplier: Control Equipment

The Model GP-01 is a personal combustible gas monitor and indicator designed to detect the presence of flammable mixtures and indicate the concentration. It can be used intermittently or continuously and will sound an alarm at two preset levels, typically 10% and 15% LEL. It uses a miniature coin type sensor and has a liquid crystal digital display (LCD) to show combustible gas concentration directly in percent LEL. The digital display is automatically backlit when used in dark areas.

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GP-01:  Operating principle

The gas sensor is a coin type cell assembly in a metal enclosure with contact pins. Combustible gas detection occurs at the platinum surface of the active element. Any combustible gases or vapors in the atmosphere are catalytically oxidised at the surface of the heated active element (using oxygen from the air). Heat generated by this oxidation process increases the temperature of the active element, which increases its electrical resistance.

A similar but non-catalytic element in the same environment is connected as an adjacent leg of a Wheatstone bridge, and the resistance change produces an electrical output proportional to gas concentration. The bridge output is amplified in the instrument circuitry to produce a reading in percent LEL and activate alarms if preset levels are exceeded.


·  Pocket size 35 (W) x 105 (H) x 20 (D) mm
·  Light Weight (100g)
·  Audible /visual /vibration alarm
·  Digital readout
·  Continuous diffusion monitoring for up to 16 hrs
·  SAA Certified, Intrinsically safe
·  Automatic backlight for LCD display
·  Ni-Cad battery
·  Low battery alarm


·  Confined Spaces
·  Hazardous Material
·  Mining
·  Refineries /Petrochemical
·  Water /Wastewater Treatment
·  Pharmaceuticals
·  Utilities
·  Chemical Plants
·  Fire Services