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Personal Heat Stress Monitor | Quest Technologies – QUESTemp II

Supplier: Air-Met Scientific

Quest Technologies QUESTemp II. Detects individual physiological response with temperature of the external auditory canal near the tympanic membrane.

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The QUESTemp II is an easy-to-use personal heat stress indicator that monitors an individual's body temperature for indications of the onset of heat stress.

The QUESTemp II is intended to be a part of a well-managed heat stress safety program. It is an alerting device that warns the user that their personal body temperature has risen above the "safe" level and that action should be taken to allow the body to cool.

The QUESTemp II consists of a belt or pocket worn device with a thin, flexible cable leading up to a small ear mould that contains the sensor and a small speaker for an audio alert. The sensing device protrudes from the ear mould and a disposable E.A.R. foam earplug slides over the sensor providing a comfortable vehicle for inserting and maintaining the sensor. The speaker and ear mould remain just outside of the ear to completely avoid any possible damage or injury to the ear canal. Like the datalogging QUESTemp 34 and 36 area monitors, the QUESTemp II interfaces with QuestSuite Professional software for fast and convenient data storage, retrieval, analysis, reporting and charting.

Using QuestSuite Professional in conjunction with QUESTemp Series personal and area monitors enables powerful correlations to be developed between environmental conditions, physical activity, clothing types and real physiological impact on an individualised basis.


  • Obtain individualised protection
  • Optimise safe work time
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Belt worn with personal heat stress monitor
  • Monitors core body temperature
  • CE marked
  • Temperature range: 32 – 40C
  • Weight: 283grams
  • Data logging
  • User-selected alarm trip points provide audio alert to elevate core temperatures
  • Recorded data can be used to evaluate worker response to heat stress loads and assist in developing   preventative measures
  • QuestSuite compatible

The Quest Technologies QUESTemp II is available at Air-Met Scientific for sale and rental.