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Personal Monitor for E & H field, 1MHz – 40Ghz | Narda RadMan XT

Supplier: Air-Met Scientific

Narda RadMan XT personal monitor for E- and H-field, 1MHz – 40Ghz.

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RadMan Monitors have a compact, durable housing and are capable of dual electric (E) and magnetic (H) field detection, and wideband shaped frequency response.

The 'shaped' frequency response means that the monitor has frequency-dependent sensitivity that matches the Australian requirements. The alarm criteria and the output information are incorporated in the Percent of Standard LED indicators.

The RadMan is a turnkey solution; providing warnings wherever people can be in danger from strong electromagnetic fields, in particular in the telecommunications, broadcasting, industry, military and air traffic control.

Nardalert XT and RadMan XT are available in ELF immune versions for use in close proximity to high voltage 50/60 Hz utility power lines.


  • Wide frequency monitoring from 1Hz to 40 GHz
  • Loud warning buzzer with earphone for noisy environments
  • Shaped frequency responses matched to national and international standards
  • Simultaneous E field and H field monitoring for near field use
  • Detachable absorber cap to provide isotropic response for monitoring signals apart from the body (e.g. for leak detection)
  • Data logger for permanent recording (RadMan XT)

The Narda RadMan XT is available at Air-Met Scientific for sale and rental.