Petty custom cattle feeders operate a cattle feed lot

Supplier: Trimble (including LOADRITE products)
18 March, 2013

Petty Custom Cattle Feeders operate a cattle feed lot and are charged with adding quality weight to their customers cattle in short periods of time.

The Challenge
This requires accuracy around feed preparation and efficient use of commodities such as hay and gluten. They are also able to profit from the sale of manure, a by-product of their business. Owner Chris Petty looked to his local Caterpillar dealer for ways to streamline his business, who in turn recommended a Loadrite scale.  
The Solution
The Loadrite L2180 scale was recommended to Chris Petty, as it would offer him a wide range of solutions from basic weighing to pre-loaded feed recipes and the ability to have multiple attachments.
The Results
Within two months Petty Custom Cattle saw savings and improvement in:

Feed preparation

They were now not only able to ensure they were using exact amounts but were also able to load faster than before and therefore cutting down feeding time.

Load out of manure

The L2180 eliminated the need for the trucks to head to the weigh bridge so turnaround time decreased. This allowed extra trips to be completed and ensuring trucks were now loaded accurately. Chris Petty estimated that previously 1.5 tons were being given away per truck, losing up to $9000 per year.

Weighing of hay bales

Bales are now weighed directly off the truck when delivered, this allows Petty Custom Cattle to ensure they receive the invoiced amount, this also allows them to identify and separate any wet bales before they get the chance to spoil and damage the rest of the stack. Since installing the L2180 from Loadrite this customer is enjoying savings in both time and money.
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