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PhaseSaver™ Reactive Power Correction System is a must

Supplier: Conservelec
15 June, 2009

Up to 60% of electricity consumed by industry is used by electric motors. The PhaseSaver Reactive Power Correction System will provide savings of up to 40% for single phase motors and for 3 phase motors savings of OVER 40% are achievable!

Other Benefits include:

The PhaseSaver is a product with almost universal application, used to reduce the energy consumption and improve power quality on all types of AC motors (machinery, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc). It does this by cancelling a portion of the power normally drawn by these loads. And, more importantly, it does so without negatively affecting horsepower, speed, or reliability.

The PhaseSaver reduces the wasted energy normally used by these motors by aligning the phase angle of the supplied voltage and current. This saves energy, reduces heat generation inside motors, frees up new electrical capacity within a facility, and produces a net kilowatt hour reduction on an electricity bill.

Observations of Conservelec's PhaseSavers verses Power Factor Correction.

It is understood that power factor correction is useful in helping utilities maintain the electrical requirements for their energy supply demands, it is also useful in reducing power factor penalties and marginally improve electrical efficiency to industrial consumers.

When PhaseSavers are installed, we readdress the issue of power factor correction at the point of demand, this reduces electrical demand at the point of consumption. This also brings the power factor more into alignment, which reduces power factor penalties and simultaneously reduces consumption by realigning the phase angles when PhaseSavers are fitted on any AC motors within a facility.

Conservelec's PhaseSaver can produce substantial savings even when power factor correction is installed at the main electrical board.