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Photovoltaic Inverter Aurora | Indoor Model PVI-3600 PVI-2000

Supplier: Solar Juice

Photovoltaic Inverter Aurora, Indoor model PVI-3600 or PVI-2000 has anti-islanding protection.

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  • Dual input section to process two strings with independent MPPT (3600W models)
  • Robust IP21 (NEMA 2) indoor enclosure and conformal coating of the boards to stand harsh environmental conditions
  • High speed, advanced MPPT controls for maximum energy harvesting
  • Very compact and light design for ease of installation: 3600W of output power in a box just 440mm x 465mm x 57mm weighting less than 7.5kg (16,5 lbs)
  • Graphical LCD Display on the front panel with integrated data logger
  • Transformerless operation for highest efficiency: up to 96%
  • Reverse polarity protection minimizes chance of damage due to mis-wiring
  • True Sine Wave Output
  • Anti-islanding protection
  • Certified grid connected operation according international standards
  • Embedded RS232 and RS485 serial links and remote communication options (PLM, Dial-up modem, GSM and Ethernet)

High Performance Redefined

The switching technology utilized in the Aurora inverters includes state-of-the-art for silicon Power Devices such as Silicon Carbide Diodes, Cool MOSTM and Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors (IGBT’s) to reduce switching losses.

Aurora has been designed with large de-rating criteria on all critical components, achieving an extremely robust and reliable inverter designed to last for 25 years and more.

With this design concept we achieve peak efficiencies of over 96%. Total current harmonic distortion, on the other hand, is typically less than 2% through the use of high-frequency switching techniques.

Another exclusive advantage is Aurora’s two source circuit inputs, each with its own MPPT (Max Power Point Tracker) for installations with multiple arrays (available on the PVI-3600 model only).

Smart Controls

Aurora controls are DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based with sophisticated control and self-diagnostic algorithms. A 128 x 128 graphical LCD display shows the unit’s operating status, its performance and diagnostic messages.

Four scrolling keys on the front panel of the unit are used to navigate menus for data display and parameter settings.

Best in Class Communication Capabilities

Aurora features a communication link by means of a built-in RS232, RS485 serial ports. Moreover the Aurora Easy control system (on demand) allows remote monitoring of the installation through Internet, analogic or GSM modems.

Standards and Codes

Aurora inverters comply with standards set for grid-tied operation, safety and electromagnetic compatibility including: UL1741 (only PVI-3600-OUTD model), VDE0126, CEI 11-20 IV ed, DK5940, IEC 61683, IEC 61727, EN50081, EN50082, EN61000, CE certification.