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Pilot Tube Microtunneling Machine

Supplier: No Dig Equipment

Pilot tube Microtunneling is particularly suited for gravity sewer, water and drainage underground pipeline where a high level of accuracy is required.

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Our Pilot Tube Microtunneling machines are most suited to soft ground conditions such as sand, soft clays and soils. NO DIG Equipment manufacture micro tunnelers from the highest quality and they are designed for the harshest ground conditions.

 Drilling is carried out using a two step procedure:

  • First a steerable pilot tube is driven underground towards the target shaft.  This pilot tube is steerable to line and grade using a target light which is located in the steering head of the pilot tube microtunneling system.
  • Secondly a cutter head, screw conveyor and the pipe to be installed are then attached and jacked behind the pilot tube microtunnel. The microtunnelers cutter head bores through the soil as new segments of the pipe are attached and driven forward.
  • The process is guided by an electronic theodolite, which makes it extremely precise, with deviations from target less than +/- 20mm (3/4") over 70 m (230').

 These machines are specifically designed to install PVC pipes. However other material options such as clay, concrete and fiberglass can be considered.