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Pioneering roadworks using modern Australian technology

Supplier: Road Construction Products
19 July, 2011

Tough times call for innovation.

It’s the start of a new financial year and money is tight.

Frequent rain events, increasing haulage costs, the cost of purchasing raw material and sourcing gravel are causing headaches for local and state government authorities when managing road maintenance and construction. In this environment road standards begin to suffer. Sustaining quality maintenance is increasingly difficult and in many cases more frequent maintenance is required.

Pioneering local and state departments are using PolyCom Stabilising Aid as an effective, easy to use alternative to traditional stabilising methods that is circumventing these issues. And they are attracting attention. Innovative departments are likely to be recognised by their peers as leaders in their field and are likely to receive funding to continue their projects.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is non-toxic and environmentally sustainable. It is listed with ECO-Buy, Victoria’s non profit Centre of Excellence in Environmental Purchasing which works with and awards local council environmental innovations.

The workability and performance of sub-standard materials can be vastly improved by adding PolyCom. In most cases this enables road builders to use materials already available on site. Using in-situ materials means that there is a drastic reduction in the need to source and import new materials. Ongoing results are showing that maintenance intervention can be reduced by at least 4 times.

Councils can cover greater areas of their road networks and reap significant cost savings.

PolyCom Stabilising is also an innovation in safety. Slipperiness, corrugation, rutting and potholes in running surfaces of sealed and unsealed roads are substantially reduced leaving a smooth and stable running surface for cars, trucks and their drivers.

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