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Pipe Cutting

Supplier: Gullco
04 March, 2008

Several years ago Saipem was faced with the need to cut large diameter pipe that was used in “driven pile” applications.

The difficult was that the oxy-fuel cutting had to be parallel to the horizon while the piles were not always truly vertical. Saipem consequently contacted Gullco International (UK) Limited through one of their distributors for assistance.

Gullco devised a solution using their world famous Kat Travel carriage system. The Kat is used to automated a wide variety of cutting and welding applications. Welding guns or, in this case cutting torches are mounted on the carriage which travels at precisely controlled speeds on special Kat track along any plane.

The Saipem application required several innovation modifications in order to achieve the specified horizontal cut. The Gullco solutions was comprised of Kat track formed into rings which enabled the Kat carriage to travel around the outside diameter of the pipe. Steel bands used to support the track rings were produced.

They were bolted to the pipe and the rings were suspended from the bands and positioned using an adjustable swivel mechanism and clamping assembly.

This allowed the Kat tack rings to swivel, enabling a cut at an angle other than 90 ° to the pipe's centre line. The result; accurate, cost effective, mechanized cutting solution for a difficult application. Gullco has recently supplied three meter systems of the same design.

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