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Pipe Heat Exchanger - Dimpleflo Modubloc

Supplier: Teralba Industries

Next generation Modubloc heat transfer system designed specifically for large volumes, and can heat or cool any product, slurry or liquid that can be pumped.

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High heat transfer co-efficients which effciently and effectively heat or cool products at an increased volume (up to 80 tonnes per hour), that results in increased productivity.

  • High pressure - up to 580psi/400 bar
  • High flow rates - up to 200mm 8" flows
  • High temperatures - suits steam
  • Compact - due to its highly involute configuration, the Mondubloc can save you space

The Modubloc can also be reconfigured or added to, to suit or satisfy increasing product demand.


  • Food - eating and cooling of fruit puree, meat products, biscuit doughs, sauces, jams confectionary, pie fillings, vegetable products and pastas
  • Dairy - Heating and cooling of yoghurts, custards, milk ice cream and cheese products including UHT sterilisation
  • Beverage - heating and cooling of wine products, grape must, beer wort, soft drink syrups, pasteurisation for fruit and vegetable juices
  • Pharmaceuticals - processing of pyrogen free water, dionised water, water for injectables, blood plasmas, therapeutic creams, shampoos and cosmetics
  • HVAC - Steam/hot water production, energy recovery from refrigeration systems, heating for geothermal applications and swimming pools
  • Chemicals and explosives - heating and cooling of mineral slurries, gases, ammonium nitrate solutions, nitric acid and hydraulic oils.
  • Pulp and Paper - Heating of latex paper coatings
  • Waste - energy recovery processing of hot waste effluents, anaerobic digested sludge, autoclave blowdown wastes