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Pipeline Coatings | PetroCote

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Pipeline Coatings, PetroCote Bitumen Coating

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Pipeline Coatings | PetroCote

Features & Benefits

Surface Tolerance

  • Whilst many liquids coatings product make the claim of being 'surface tolerant' none can match the proven performance of bitumen over countless decades. The system can be applied to a minimally prepared substrate under challenging and adverse conditions and still provide assured long term performance.

Uniform Film Thickness

  • Film thickness is consistent across entire surface profile, unlike liquid coatings the film thickness does not diminish at edges.

Conformability and Impact Resistance

  • Highly flexible 'Superflex' backing film is ruggedly durable but exhibits controlled elasticity and flexibility for ease of use.

Wide Ranging Resistance

  • The system is highly resistant to alkalis, acids, salts and microbial attack.

No Curing Time

  • Ready for immediate service after installation.

Aggressive Adhesion

  • Ultra Bond polymer bitumen mastic is highly resistant to soil stress and cathodic disbondment.

Cold Applied

  • No HSE Risks introduced by use of gas torches or similar.

SteelGard System Selection Guide

  • Since its first introduction in the 1960’s Bitumen Tape Technology (*generically) has established an enviable and unrivalled track record of proven corrosion protection performance in a host of environments. The PETROCOTE Pipe Coating System exploits this proven technology to the full to deliver a class leading corrosion protection system.



System Components

  • Petrocote Bitumen Primer: Fills surface imperfections and prepares the substrate.
  • Petrocote Mastic: Fills crevices and profiles sharp angular changes.
  • Petrocote Tape: Envelopes the profiled substrate in an impermeable plastic sheath.
  • Petrogard Overwrap Tape (Optional): Affords increased mechanical strength to the installed system.
  • Petrogard UV Overwrap Tape (Optional): Utilised to protect against UV attack.

Typical System Applications

  • Above and below ground pipe work, fittings, tie rods.