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Pipeline Coatings | Steelgard 100

Supplier: Petro Coating Systems Pty Ltd

Pipeline Coatings,the Steelgard 100 Petrolatum System exploits this proven technology to the full to deliver a class leading corrosion prevention system.

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Pipeline Coatings | Steelgard 100


  • Surface Tolerance
  • The Steelgard 100 System has been designed with Surface Tolerance at the forefront of the development  process.
  • Steelgard 100 will tolerate heavily pitted substrates.
  • Uniform Film Thickness
  • Conformability
  • Wide Ranging Resistance
  • Fast Curing Time
  • Low VOC


  • The system can be applied to a wire brush cleaned substrate under challenging and conditions and provide assured long term performance.
  • Film thickness is consistent across entire surface profile, unlike liquid coatings the film thickness does not diminish at edges. ‘Ease of use’ is outstanding, intimate surface contact is maintained across entire substrate.
  • The systems are highly resistant to alkalis, acids, salts and microbial attack.
  • Ready for service soon after installation.
  • OH&S risks are minimised.

System Overview

Since their first introduction in 1929, Petrolatum Tapes (generically) have established an enviable and unrivalled track record of proven corrosion protection performance in a host of environments.

System Feature / Benefits

The combined features of true surface tolerance, ease of use, and the ability for this system to be applied to heavily pitted substrates and provide 30 Years + Corrosion Protection Performance, make this an outstanding choice.

System  Components

  • Steelgard 100 Primer: Fills surface imperfections and prepares the surface.
  • Steelgard Mastic: Fills crevices and profiles sharp projections.
  • Steelgard 100 Tape: Envelopes the profiled substrate in an impermeable plastic sheath.
  • Elastogard Top Coat: Affords increased mechanical strength and resistance to the installed system.

System Applications

  • Above and below ground pipe work, steelwork, ’sweating’ pipes and tanks, tie rods, duct sealing.