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Pipeline Coatings | Steelgard 200

Supplier: Petro Coating Systems Pty Ltd

Pipeline Coatings,the Steelgard 200 System incorporates the high tack Butyl Primerwith a dual purpose self protecting Butyl/Aluminium laminate UVouter layer

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Pipeline Coatings | Steelgard 200


  • Surface Tolerance
  • Uniform Film Thickness
  • Conformability
  • Self Protecting
  • No Curing Time
  • Low VOCs


  • The system can be applied to a wire brush cleaned substrate under challenging and conditions and provide assured long term performance.
  • Film thickness is consistent across entire surface profile, unlike liquid coatings the film thickness does not diminish at edges.
  • ‘Ease of use’ is outstanding, intimate surface contact is maintained across entire substrate.
  • Steelgard 200 UV Tape is 2 products in one, both a corrosion protection layer and a UV protectant layer.
  • Ready for service soon after installation.
  • OH&S risks are minimised.

System Feature / Benefits

The combined features of true surface tolerance, ease of use, and the ability for this system to be applied to pitted substrates and provide 30 Years + Corrosion Protection Performance, make this an outstanding choice.

System Components

  • PETROCOTE Butyl Primer: Fills surface imperfections and prepares the surface.
  • PETROCOTE Butyl Mastic: Fills crevices and profiles sharp projections.
  • STEELGARD 200 UV Tape: Envelopes the profiled substrate in an impermeable UV resistant plastic sheath.

System Applications

  • Above ground pipe work, steelwork and insulated pipelines.