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Pipeline Coatings | Steelgard Series 50

Supplier: Petro Coating Systems Pty Ltd

Pipeline Coatings, the Steelgard 50 Petrolatum System exploits this proven technology to the full to deliver a class leading corrosion prevention system.

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Pipeline Coatings | Steelgard Series 50


  • Site Tolerance
  • The Steelgard 50 System has been designed with the  constraints of site application in mind.
  • Volumetric Stability
  • ‘Wetting’ Characteristics
  • Wide Ranging Resistance
  • No Curing Time
  • No VOCs


  • Ease of use assured for both protecting pre-stressing strands sheathed in PE tube or pre-stressing strands housed in anchor end caps.
  • Steelgard 50 systems are designed for stability can be heated to aid application and retain consistent volume (Nil expansion or shrinkage).
  • The custom designed petrolatum compound thoroughly wets out the strand substrate and ‘clings’ permanently. The systems are highly resistant to alkalis, acids, salts and microbial attack.
  • Ready for service immediately after installation.
  • OH&S risks are minimised.

System Overview

Since their first introduction in 1929, Petrolatum Compounds (generically) have established an enviable and unrivalled track record of proven corrosion protection performance in a host of environments.

System Feature / Benefits

The combined features of true site tolerance, ease of use,and the superb ‘wetting out’ characteristics and provide 50 Years + Corrosion Protection Performance, make Steelgard 50 an outstanding choice.

System Components

  • Voidgard No 2 Void Filler: Provides assured long term corrosion protection for pre-stressing strands sheathed in PE Tubing.
  • Voidgard No 3 Void Filler: Provides assured long term corrosion protection for pre stressing strands housed in Anchor End Caps.

System Applications

  • Pre-Stressing Strand Corrosion Protection

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