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Pipeline Coatings | WPC120

Supplier: Petro Coating Systems Pty Ltd

Pipeline Coatings, WPC B50, WPC C50, WPC 80, WPC100M and WPC120 sleeves are especially suitable for higher soil stress conditions.

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Pipeline Coatings | WPC120


  • WPC120 field-joint coating.
  • Construction: Two-layer system:
  • First layer: High shear-strength copolymer adhesive.
  • Second layer: Radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene with PCI (Permanent Change Indicator).

WPC120 is a wrap-around, heat-shrinkable sleeve designed for corrosion prevention and sealing on various types of piping systems (oil, gas, water, pipe-type cable, etc.), which operate at temperatures up to 120°C (248°F). WPC120 is specially suited for higher stress conditions caused both by elevated temperatures and by soils with severe contraction between wet-dry cycles. WPC120 is normally used for girth weld protection of steel pipes coated with

Raychem Rayclad120 heat shrinkable tape. WPC120 may be cut to appropriate length to cover all pipe diameters.

The system is designed to be applied with minimum preheating of the pipe.While installing, WPC120 is wrapped around the joint, a closure patch is then installed (already pre-attached if Uni-sleeve) forming a tube, and the sleeve is shrunk in place.

No epoxy primer is required. Upon heat exposure, the sleeve starts shrinking from its expanded size to form a tight fit around the substrate. During recovery, the copolymer adhesive softens and flows to form a perfect bond with the pipe surface providing pipe protection against corrosion.

The radiation cross-linked outer layer forms a durable barrier to moisture and mechanical damage.


  • Dimpled backing provides a “permanent change" indicator for application of heat
    • Ensures correct application heat & allows easy post-heat inspection. Reliable inspectability at any time.
  • Available as a one-piece wrap-around unit or in roll form Saves money by keeping inventory and logistics costs low.
  • High shear resistance. Provides high functional performance and safety.
  • High operating temperature rating. Top performance in demanding conditions.
  • No special equipment (standard gas torch & a roller) or skills required. Makes installation fast and easy.