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Pipeline Coatings | WPCZ

Supplier: Petro Coating Systems Pty Ltd

Pipeline Coatings, WPCZ is a two - layer field-joint coating system under heated infill systems in offshore networks.

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Pipeline Coatings | WPCZ

Product description

  • WPCZ offshore joint coating.
  • Construction: Two-layer system:
  • First layer: Visco-elastic sealant adhesive.
  • Second layer: Thin-walled, radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene with PCI (Permanent Change Indicator)

WPCZ is a heat-shrinkable wrap-around sleeve specially engineered for use on offshore, weight-coated pipelines incorporating hot marine mastic pour or other infill systems at the girth weld. WPCZ tolerates the pouring of this very hot and heavy mastic without losing any of its corrosion prevention ability.

WPCZ is a very thin two-layer system, which has a fast shrink response.

WPCZ is used on various types of piping systems, including oil, gas, water, and pipe-type cable.

During installation, snugly wrap the sleeve centrally around the joint area, heat and apply the closure patch and continue to heat shrink (125°C (25 7°F) ) the sleeve from

its supplied size to fit tightly around the joint. Heat is applied from the centre outwards and using standard propane torches. As the sleeve shrinks, the mastic flows and thoroughly coats the pipe surface providing protection against corrosion.

Product Features / Benefits

  • Combination of a one piece sleeve & fast shrink response
    • Allows rapid and reliable installation under lay barge conditions.
  • 3x faster than for cold applied tape systems!
    • Saves installation time, thus saves money.
  • Dimpled backing provides a “permanent change" indicator for application of heat
    • Ensures correct application heat & allows easy post-heat inspection.
    • Reliable inspectability at any time.
  • Low preheat sensitivity & proven functionality
    • Installation friendly in combination with high functional performance.
  • Highly flexible with mechanical strength
    • Remains user-friendly even at low temperatures.
  • Available as all-in-one unit or roll form
    • Saves money by keeping inventory and logistics costs low.
  • No special equipment or skills required
    • Makes installation fast, easy and low cost.