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PipePro® Welding System

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The Power of Blue:

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The PipePro® 450 RFC power source can be combined with either the PipePro SuitCaseor PipePro DX Bench Feeders and Bernard PipeWonro Guns to offer a total solution for pipe welding applications in the shop or field.

PipePro DX Bench Feeder

Provides a reliable wire feeder solution for shop applications. The dual-feeder version allows the operator to easily switch from one process/wire for root pass welding to another process/wire for fill and cap welding.

PipePro 450 RFC

Provides one versatile power source to produce pipe welds using conventional and advanced processes in shop and field applications.

Bernard PipeWorx 250-15

Provides an ergonomic solution to producing root passes on pipe and other medium-duty applications. Designed by welders to reduce fatigue and improve visibility of the puddle on the root pass.

Bernard PipeWorx 300-15 or 400-15

Provides a heavy-duty solution to producing root, fill and cap welds on pipe.

PipePro 12RC SuitCase

Provides a durable wire feeder solution for field applications. The impact-resistant case design protects the wire and drive mechanism from moisture, dust and contamination.


Regulated Metal Deposition (RMIT Pro) Precisely controlled short-circuit transfer technology provides welders with an easy to use welding process with excellent puddle control for the root pass. Calm, stable arc/puddle reduces weld training and improves quality.


This method of pulse welding is easier to use than conventional pulse in out-of-position pipe welding applications. This is accomplished through precise control of the arc and puddle even in narrow joints, which provides optimum molten puddle control for out-of-position welding. Precise control of puddle produces excellent side wall fusion on all pipe joint designs.