Pixel Building (CUB Offices), Melbourne

Supplier: Van Der Meer Consulting
28 February, 2013

Pixel is a prototype for the ‘office of the future’. The project adjacent of the Carlton United Brewery site in Melbourne, has been developed as a carbon conscious building that will attempt to generate more energy on site than it uses.

Over time the building will aim to offset all of the carbon emitted to build it and become uniquely carbon-negative.

With Grocon, in conjunction with studio505 (architects), Umow Lai (sustainability experts), and van der Meer Consulting (structural engineers), there is immense expectations to the reduced environmental impact of this building.

The structural system will be integrated with the HVAC system to optimize passive heating and cooling and overall energy efficiency. The proposed environmental façade is richly textured and creates contextual interest. The building, whilst primarily intended as an office tenancy with long-span, column-free floor plates, will be adaptable to multiple uses and is of modular, demountable configuration.