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Plan Management - Crowd Management

Supplier: Avalias

Plan Management - Crowd Management, CowdFlow - Advanced Micro-simulation and visualizarion for crowd management,

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Plan Management - Crowd Management

Planning for large crowds can be an extremely complex process. Mistakes can be costly not only financially, but through effects to people, property and infrastructure, as well as damage to reputation for both public sector and private sector organizations. Comprehensive preparation is often more effective though the use of computer-based simulation.

CrowdFlow from Avalias provides advanced analysis and visualization when a more detailed view is required for planning and assessment purposes. With Avalias CrowdFlow, your organization can be better prepared for emergency situations during major events, and even day-to-day operations

Improve crowd safety through detailed planning

Advanced micro-simulation and visualization environment
Suitable for pedestrian modeling, crowd analysis and design evaluation, CrowdFlow allows you to see the effects of modifications to your plans, particulary important where last-minute planning changes may have an impact on crowd safety.
Evaluate the efficiency and safety of plans
Run and re-run CrowdFlow simulations to identify problems related to increased demand. Run sensitivity tests with worst-case demand figures to ensure that safety won’t be compromized in the event of an emergency.
Communicate your crowd management plans with ease
CrowdFlow can give you the edge in communicating your plans to decision makers and other stakeholders. Make the move from macro-simulation models to micro-simulation visualizations.


Flexible and configurable behavioral parameters
Change physical and behavioral attributes of individuals within a crowd. Modify their agility, mood levels, age, size, aggression, politeness, impatience and intentions of each individual within the crowd, either directly or by percentage distribution. For example, you can easily observe the difference between a drunken sports crowd, a peaceful protesting crowd, a crowd running a marathon course, and a crowd panicking during an evacuation.

Multiple presentation options
CrowdFlow can output video of crowd behavior both as a 2D aerial view, or as a 3D projections from any angle.

Artificial intelligence on a massive scale
CrowdFlow uses Avalias' proprietary artificial intelligence techniques to allow the intentions and behaviors of each individual to be calculated, across tens of thousands of simulated people.

How it works
Our experienced team of specialists work closely with your planners to gather the input data required for the micro-simulation. This will include factors such as forecasted crowd quantities, group mood, event style, and planned barrier configuration. We then rapidly create a Crowdflow model of the environment based on CAD models or aerial photography when working with larger areas. Working closely with your planners, we fine-tune the plans and deliver visualizations in the video format of your choice.