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Planit Software | Labelling

Supplier: Planit

Planit software has multiple options for labelling parts in your factory, all specific to the needs of a cabinetmaking business.

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Planit Software | Labelling

There are many benefits to labelling parts:

  • Quick identification of parts on the shop floor
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Complete and immediate information for factory staff
  • Minimise missing parts therefore reducing rework
  • An image of the part on the label to indicate edge banding requirements

Easy to read and remove, labels are applied onto the cut, bored and routed parts for identification, so that the joiner or kitchen assembler knows what part belongs to what cabinet for which job.

  • Some of the information available is:
  • Room and Job names for assembling and flat packing
  • Edge-banding requirements including material and an image to show which edges require edge tape
  • Barcodes for any shop floor scanning equipment
  • Special comments specific to individual parts

There are different labelling options to choose from.

The most common option is to print removable labels on an A4 sheet, normally eight labels per page. Typically, the labels will be printed out in the office in optimised order, with pages numbered which are taken into the workshop to be applied to the cut components by cross checking with printed patterns.

The next option, which is becoming popular, is Planit’s Label-IT software.

Label-IT is loaded on a PC in your factory the most common scenario is

on the CNC Machine controller or preferably a touch screen computer at the machine, linked to a label printer.

Whilst parts are cut from sheet material on the CNC machine, a graphic of the sheet appears on screen, showing the operator where to place the labels and automatically printing them.

One of the main benefits of Label-IT is because the labels are produced as the job is machined, any last minute changes to the job can be easily accommodated without the need to throw out stacks of pre printed labels, plus if a label needs to be re-printed for any reason it can be done on the spot, saving you time and money both on production and labels. Another benefit is the label designs are fully customisable allowing for multiple designs and layouts.

The newest labelling option is the automatic “Work Cell” labelling, a pre-labelling device for CNC machines with nesting capabilities. The labels are automatically generated and placed in the correct position on the uncut sheet prior to it being loaded into the machine or whilst being cut.

The system is dependent on Planit Software producing the information and location of the labels and like all CNC machines completely controlled by Planit NC Centre program.

Downtime for labelling is eliminated, as the labels are applied as an integral part of the cutting operation. The labels have the ability to rotate themselves so that they always appear in the correct orientation on the part.